QuikVid: Tortilla Pizza Secret (LC)

legend:Keto – ketogenicDK – “dirty” ketoLC – low carbCV – carnivoreKV – ketovoreMake your own modifications if needed to suit your personal food plan. This is posted to accompany the corresponding What I Eat entry. #LCHF_IF_OMaD

Tuesday Tangle – Dec. 7, 2021 Edition

Tangle? That’s the best you could do, thesaurus.com??? So I wanted to talk about 24 hours of my life, including food, and have a few pictures to share, there was a 3rd thing…I need to think about that… But first, food, because it is a favorite subject. I don’t have a photo since I didn’t …
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How we Eat & Why We Eat Like We Do

July, 2022 UPDATE! (see original article below) At this time Pete has increased his beef consumption somewhat, but sticks with 100% grass-fed, organic beef. He needs the iron, and the dark leafies mess with his INR. I am following my own “mix” of 3 plans: ketovore, IF, and OMaD. I have increased my animal-based foods …
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Pork Zucchini Supper – Low Carb

This is quick – as was my meal, both to prepare, and to eat as it was SO delicious! (I didn’t take a photo, as it wasn’t particularly beautiful and I’m not a food stylist.) I had a pork steak thawed, and a zucchini that needed to be eaten, and I was very hungry and …
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