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leelan: ok my mom is not homp and please not text her that i was on here just to be safe
leelan: home
owly: OK although this is a public chat, anybody can see the conversations. Just so you know that.
leelan: ok
leelan: i like the puzzles
owly: They are really fun to do, they help my brain get focused!
owly: Wednesday evening - Well dear friends, I've spent quite a bit of time online today...most of the day in fact, since I couldn't do much else, but I accomplished a lot on the blog (whether it shows or not hahaha). Before I log off for the night I wanted to share this gem of a website I happened upon today, I hope you enjoy it and it enhances the joy of your Christmas season! Good night my friends❣️
leelan: hello
owly: I missed you again this morning, doggone it! But hello, and I love that you stopped by, favorite grandson!
leelan: how are you
owly: YAY you're back!
owly: I'm good. Had a good day, how about you?
owly: I just sat down at my laptop after doing the dishes
leelan: how r u?
owly: why do you keeping leaving and coming back?
leelan: i am looking at how much some of my pokemon are
owly: THURSDAY EVENING: I think I will begin these updates and notes with the day/time of day in all caps to help those who have to scroll back through chats to find them. Anyway, I was able, for the first time this week, to get up and and about and do some things around here. So that was good. Not as much time online, though...and I noticed that on days like yesterday, when I couldn't do anything physically so I posted more than usual here, I got a LOT more hits than most days. Anyway, I'm going to post my daily Advent post and then log off for the evening, have a fabulous Friday, friends❣️
owly: FRIDAY MORNING: I've only been up an hour but feeling pretty good today! Looking forward to getting a lot done! Haven't seen any deer or turkeys today but it's early yet. Anyway...having my coffee and making plans with Pete, happy Friday❣️
owly: SATURDAY AFTERNOON: Well, we have to go to the laundromat today, or risk running around without underwear! There is a laundromat open 24 hours in a nearby town but they keep the bathrooms locked up to keep the "vagrants" from coming in to use them. Otherwise I'd like to go later in the day, after I've eaten my meal; laundry before meal would make Sherry grumpy! So that's my biggest issue today. #firstworldproblems Other than that I've been working on my blog posts - both here and at Savior Connect where I also post them. Speaking of which...back to work!
owly: SUNDAY NOONish: Screenshot of a post on Mastodon a few minutes ago. Reminded me of such verses as Luke 21: 11 & 25-26. Though I know from this passage and many others that the time hasn't yet come. Anyway, click on it to see some great photographs, especially the one in Sweden! Meanwhile...I've been a bloggin' maniac this week, today I will do less online and more at my keyboard, if I'm able, and watch the beautiful snow fall! Chat image (see also if you are interested in end times prophecy!)
leelan: hello
owly: HEY, I missed you this morning, and I was awake too! But I didn't have my computer on...I hope I see you next time you can stop by! 💙
owly: Well I don't know WHAT is going on with me...this falling asleep every time I sit down is getting on my nerves! I got up earlier than usual this morning, but fell asleep earlier than usual last night. Pete brought my coffee to me - I love and appreciate him so much! - and I was drinking it, scrolling through my email, and....the next think I know, waking up several hours later. UGH! I wish I knew what's going on. But today is snowy and blustery and gray so if I'm going to sleep I guess this is a good day to do it, eh? Chat image
leelan: how are you?
owly: Hi! I'm good, thanks...chilly, the wind is really whipping out there! How was your Monday?
owly: (I had my volume off so I didn't hear you come in!)
owly: MONDAY EVENING: That wind is still blowing! We're hearing about local power outages (well, they're talking about it on Pete's ham radio), and we don't want that! Although we have a couple of generators, it will be so cold tonight I'd hate for Pete to have to go light 'em up! But the blower motor for our furnace came in today and tomorrow one of Tyler's techs will be here to install it, and hoping we'll have heat again! Well, we have heat, and staying warm with a couple of electric heaters, one at the front and one at the back. But the furnace is best! I hope you all have a terrific Tuesday, friends❣️
leelan: hello
I just love when I get online and see that my favorite boy was here!
owly: TUESDAY EVENING: Oh so cold! Bending my joints just ain't happenin', friends! BUT it is beautiful, and that's a fact! Another fact is that our furnace is working! The part came in, Matthew (Tyler's twin brother) came to install it and that wasn't the part that was broken! It was the circuit board, he happened to have a new one on the all was well! AND WE HAVE HEAT!!! AND it was 1/3 less $ than quoted for the motor, thank you Lord! 🙌 I don't look at the little spinning plate on the power pole (do they still do that?) but I'll bet it's been generating a lot of heat lately with 2 electric heaters running 24/7! Probably melted the glass...anyway, have a happy 🐪 day tomorrow❣️❣️❣️
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