VIDEO – April 23, 2022 – Vlog #2095

It was a gorgeous day outside so we decided to get out of the house and make a few stops at some of our favorite businesses in a few nearby towns. (We live in a rural area that has a half-dozen or so small towns within 20 miles, and we prefer to do most of …
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Resurrection Day 2022 – HE IS RISEN!

There are SO many beautiful memes celebrating Jesus’ victory over death today, I have tried to choose, and include, those that touched my heart the most. I could have gathered many more, but wanted to get these up for you to share the victory message today while there is still plenty of time (though it …
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VIDEO: Unboxing – EcoFlow Delta 1800

On our way to being totally off-grid we have already started using a ProOne water filtration system and a composting toilet in the RV in which we live. This purchase is the next step in meeting our goal, and we will follow up with more information when we are using it regularly.