A Couple of My Meals

What they have in common: eaten on OMaD days, and are low in carbs (by my standards), and they were “stick to my ribs” good!

Half the plate is roasted cabbage with some onion in it…like a big head of cabbage with a small onion sliced into it and tossed with olive oil, S&P; my half plateful is about 25% of the entire amount. The other part of my plate is a pork steak, just fried up with a little seasoned salt, and topped with a few slices of roasted sweet potato (with the skins). This was a heck of a great meal!

I get pre-made ground beef patties from the Amish store that are cheap, and really good! They’re tiny too, slider-sized and thin, and attached in pairs. I fried up 4 pairs. While they were frying I spread some of the leftover dip from the other night on the plate. I set two of the double patties on the dip, then slices of cheese, then the other other two hot double patties on top, then more dip. WOW, this was quick and cheap and wonderful!

I like simple and basic and cheap. Both of these fill the bill!

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