VIDEO UPLOAD – Jan. 15, 2021 Vlog #2044

This is embedded from my own server…I can’t do this too often, as I will eventually run out of either space, or data transfer. But until I can use my (temporarily swamped and overwhelmed) vlog host I will handle it this way…I can always move them later right? Meanwhile, enjoy, and feel free to leave …
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Jan. 15, 2021 Snowfall in Michigan

These are some photos taken in the morning in our area of central lower Michigan. This was a particularly gorgeous snowfall, actually…some of the photos were taken here on our lot, and some on the road when Pete drove to a nearby town. I will have more footage of this beautiful scene when my vlog …
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The Story of The Hour-long Salad

(GWEN – WARNING! Potential bird call alert!) It isn’t a pretty story…but one that must be told. Yesterday Pete brought me a half-dozen cukes he saw on the discount produce rack of the grocery store. I do love cucumbers! And, because my favorite way to eat them is as “boats” filled with chicken salad, I …
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Golly! I’d Totally Forgotten!

I guess I should be used to it by now, but I happened to stumble across 2 old blogs of mine! I thought I hadn’t blogged in well over a decade, but apparently I had…as recently as Oct. 2020 in one of them which I KIND of remember – I recalled bits of the post …
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The Best 6:52 Minutes I Spent Online Tonight

I really wanted to embed this, but it wouldn’t cooperate so here’s the link. Very inspiring! This is a social media platform and mission that I can fully support – listen to the CEO’s statement and you will see why.

MUSIC POST Played On Yamaha PSR-S950

REJOICE! The Lord Is King! George Frederic Handel is my favorite composer (and Arrival of the Queen of Sheba my favorite of his works) of the Baroque era of music, and though he wrote this piece, the lyrics come from none other than Charles Wesley. Today is a great – no, perfect – day for …
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