Sunday Slideshow, Jan 23, 2022 Edition

Sharing some of my photos from this week, all of which were taken through the (not very clean) window, while I have been recovering from some sort of nasty cold or something. Happy to have so many visitors! I share these “videos” on Rumble, GabTV, Savior Connect, and Odysee. These are direct links to my …
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VIDEO – Our Beautiful Snow Today

Big fluffy flakes accumulated to about 3″ of snow here in the middle of the mitten, and lots of wildlife came through our yard to feed. The deer were only about 50′ away but the heavy snow really blurred the video! This video is also available on my Rumble account, my GabTV channel, or Savior Connect.

Tuesday Tangle – Dec. 7, 2021 Edition

Tangle? That’s the best you could do, So I wanted to talk about 24 hours of my life, including food, and have a few pictures to share, there was a 3rd thing…I need to think about that… But first, food, because it is a favorite subject. I don’t have a photo since I didn’t …
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Friday Fotos (😅) Dec. 3, 2021

OK, I’m not sure if Friday “Fotos” will be a thing or not. But I had a few to share from this week, and today is Friday, so… First are some pics of wildlife you can scroll through. These are taken through my window, as usual, hence the quality takes a bit of a hit. …
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