Tuesday Tangle – Dec. 7, 2021 Edition

Tangle? That’s the best you could do, thesaurus.com???

So I wanted to talk about 24 hours of my life, including food, and have a few pictures to share, there was a 3rd thing…I need to think about that…

But first, food, because it is a favorite subject. I don’t have a photo since I didn’t eat anything today – yet – I have a pork steak in the oven and that will be my only meal. Well yesterday I felt like I had a hollow leg and ate not only too much, but broke my very firm 18-hour-fast rule. Ugh. I started out so well, you saw what I ate, and I had 40 cheese doodles as a snack (27g total carbs). Then a couple of hours later Pete was making grilled cheese sandwiches which are among my favorite, on that good seedy heavy bread, you know what I’m talking about? And yeah…I did it.

So today is just the pork steak. In fact the rest of the week will be mostly fatty proteins. I have some zucchini and some spinach too. Anyway, I’m disgusted. I just love our Friday fish dinners, mainly because I love battered and deep-fried fish, I’m going to get a big salad though, and ask for a piece of fish on the side I think. We’ll see how I feel on Friday. Sunday is always pizza day, when we have frozen pizza (but cooked first) but my pizza will be – picture this stacked – a low carb tortilla, a handful of mozzarella, another tortilla, a spoonful of sauce, some kind of topping…ground beef? canadian bacon?…and another layer of mozzarella with maybe some italian seasoning. Yes? YES??

Abrupt subject change: After my nissen fundoplication 11 years and 6 days ago I had to give up coffee, and discovered (thanks, internet) Roastaroma tea – oh it was so delicious it’s all I drank for a long time. I just made a thermos of it earlier this evening and on a whim I added just a couple drops of hazelnut coffee flavoring and WOWZER! Suddenly I was drinking an expensive tea latte (is there such a thing?) from the coffee shop! Amazing… P.S. I started drinking coffee again somewhere along the way and have one cup in the morning, and occasionally another cup if we’re on the road somewhere.

OK and now some pictures, I have to compress them (my WordPress is self-hosted so my pictures take up space on the server I’ve used for 20 years, plus bandwidth, so I make everything as small as I can) then upload them first. Butfirst. That should be a single word. Story of my life. Butfirst. OK. I’ll be back.

Never mind. My pork steak is ready to eat. I’ll be back later.

Aaaand it’s way later, having fallen asleep after eating…surprise!

This first group of pictures is of the river because it’s so beautiful in the winter, and some of our wildlife that we love to watch.

[metagallery id=8827]

The second group of pictures are my poi boys today. I guess I don’t take as many pictures of them because when I’m not in the bedroom, where I sit with my laptop, I’m busy doing stuff, and I usually leave my phone in the bedroom. It’s easy to take pictures of the dogs because 99% of the time they’re with me in the bedroom, and I always have my phone in there. I’ll have to be more conscious of that in the future, because Maxwell (the red-bellied parrot) and Elliot (the meyer’s parrot) are a HUGE part of my heart! Anyway…


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