Pork Zucchini Supper – Low Carb

This is quick – as was my meal, both to prepare, and to eat as it was SO delicious! (I didn’t take a photo, as it wasn’t particularly beautiful and I’m not a food stylist.)

I had a pork steak thawed, and a zucchini that needed to be eaten, and I was very hungry and didn’t want to mess around with lots of prep and cooking. So I sliced a half onion into thin strips, then sliced the zucchini and put them both into some olive oil in a saute pan over medium heat. While they were browning and I was stirring them around every couple of minutes I cubed the pork steak and tossed it in with the vegetables, salting lightly. When the meat was about half done I added some raspberry balsamic vinegar and let it finish cooking. At the end I put a good chunk of butter in to melt, which formed a creamy rich sauce with the juices and vinegar.

It was so basic, simple, quick – and cheap! Such a lovely meal and since I only eat one full meal each day I like it to be hearty. This filled the bill nicely and delightfully!

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