How we Eat & Why We Eat Like We Do

July, 2022 UPDATE! (see original article below)

At this time Pete has increased his beef consumption somewhat, but sticks with 100% grass-fed, organic beef. He needs the iron, and the dark leafies mess with his INR.

I am following my own “mix” of 3 plans: ketovore, IF, and OMaD. I have increased my animal-based foods to 80% + of my diet; the remainder consists of very low carb greens and vegetables in very limited amounts, and the OCCASIONAL low-carb grain-based product. I also allow for an 8-hour eating window each day/16-hour fast but find that 6 hours is usually more than adequate and it’s not even uncommon to go 20+ hours without food, and no effort on my part; however I don’t worry about the occasional (2-3x/mo.) “miss” as long as I’m eating cleanly otherwise. I also aim for OMaD at least a couple of days a week but usually more. Overall, my eating plan is 90% of the time lowcarb/LCHF, 90%+ IF, and as often OMaD as I can manage. IF I have a day I choose to eat carby foods – and yes, I do that too! – I make sure at least that it is an OMaD day (and therefore also IF); this is almost always when we eat in a restaurant. Even so, the 3 months since I have started eating this way have been EASY, and my body is shrinking pretty quickly, and I’m having a few more lower-pain/higher-mobility days than I did before. This WOE fits well, and feels good.

BELOW is the original article from Dec. 2021.

It’s been a while since I wrote about this subject, and I had a meal I wanted to share with you, so I guess it’s time…

As a reminder, or for new readers, here is how we eat: Pete is pescatarian 90% of the time. When he does eat meat (1-2x/mo.), it is organic and very lean, and never pork or poultry; the fish or seafood he eats (1-2x/wk.) is wild-caught. Most of what he eats is plant-based and organic/non-GMO. These are changes we made when he was diagnosed. His type of cancer thrives on certain foods that he doesn’t eat now. He also eats a can of organic tomato paste daily, usually within a soup or a sauce, and multiple herbs and spices that are known to be antagonistic to his type of cancer (as well as certain supplements).

I, on the other hand, ate low carb* since 2004. I lost 90# in the first 5 months, then decided I didn’t want to lose any more and tweaked my ratios to still get the health benefits but prevent further weight loss. Then about a year after Pete’s diet changed I found it easier to do IF (intermittent fasting) than to continually cook 2 different meals. Even incorporating a carbier meal a few times a week, I started losing weight again. My doctor was thrilled, and over the years my osteoarthritis had continued to worsen. So I earlier this year I started doing OMaD (one meal a day). And now, for several reasons – which would be a post in itself – I am doing a combination of IF and OMaD. I always fast 18 out of every 24 hours. Most days I keep my carbs under 25g net per meal/snack, and most days I only eat one meal. While I don’t limit my fats or my proteins these days.** On the days I go out to eat or want to eat a carbier food – usually a baked potato or fruit like squash – I do OMaD. But by allowing my body to fast every day, it can handle the occasional carbier meal without negative effects; I do still avoid most grain-based foods and sugars of course as those are my main causes of inflammation; I have enough issues with pain and mobility without adding to them!

As an example of what I eat, here is yesterday’s meal.

Low carb tortilla “sandwich” filled with cheese and baked until crisp in my convection oven. For dip I used some canned black bean dip which is a little carbier than I like so I used just 1 part dip to 2 parts each sour cream and salsa. This was really tasty, easy, and filling! I also had a few little chicken pot-sticker type things that Casey gave me that are only 2gN each.

Now that I’ve shared how we eat, and why, it will be easier for me to share some of the foods we eat without having to post explanations or “disclaimers” with each one, which I’m looking forward to!

* Back in the day “low carb” and “keto” were 2 very different things.

** When I wanted to lose a little weight quickly in the low carb days (2004-2018) I would increase my fats as high as possible – at least 80-85% of my calories – and could always lose about 5#/week that way (even though my calorie intake went up to 3500 +/- per day). I don’t do that anymore because I don’t want to lose quickly these days, just keep my doctor – and my joints – happy!


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