What I’m About

What happens when you put together retirement, RVing, thrifting, health (and health issues), the Lord Jesus, vegan and lowcarb cooking, keyboards and ukuleles, parrots and dogs (including an assistance dog!), travel, family fun, humor – sometimes with sarcasm, Michigan, grandkids, southern gospel music, and a few other surprises?

The things that Chia Chatters about, of course! And I’m thrilled to share the things that are near and dear to my heart as well as those that are fun, perplexing, precious, ridiculous, disconcerting, shocking, and sometimes even a bit glum. For these are the things that comprise life, and which are all relatable, bringing a connection between us which we all share.

Make sure you have your most comfortable reading shoes on, and join me in sharing the things that connect us!

Chia with assistance dog Maisie, and Chuy watching:
Chia’s beloved daughter, son-in-law, and grands:
Chia’s incredibly amazing and wonderful husband:
Chia’s precious “poi boys” Elliot and Maxwell:
AMEN! We have nothing to fear when we walk with the Lord!

21 thoughts on “What I’m About

  1. Love it so far – wording and concepts very inviting!! Love the variety of content too! You are very beautifully creative (and created!). ❤️
    Great job, looking forward to following!

    1. Thank you my love❣️ And thanks that my first 3 commenters are my 3 most beloved people in the world! This is a great start ?

        1. Thanks, De❣ I’m happy you came to see it and hope you enjoy :). I just added a Recent Posts menu so it will be easy to know what’s new and easy to find it.

    1. I plan to :). This is so much fun! I got frustrated with it the last time I blogged, I think I hadn’t gotten enough of my brain recovered yet and it was a huge struggle. But now I’m loving it! I hope you get inspired one way or another, I’d subscribed to you before and loved your blogs!

  2. Very nice Buddy…….Keep up the interesting info…..Trivia……My first stringed instrument was a Baritone Uke that belonged to my older brother. He bought me a Red Fender Strat to keep me from commandeering his Uke. Then, I met John Felix who introduced me to the 12 String Guitar. Still have my original one….

    1. Wow, who knew??? The first time I heard a 12-string I believe you were playing it, would that be right, timeline-wise? They do sound magnificent! (I have enough trouble keeping track of 4 strings hahahaha!)

        1. SQUEEEEEEEEEE!!! I always have a hard time keeping up with you, and just when I despair of every “seeing” you again, you pop up❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣

  3. Hi Sherry!!!

    Liking your blog and pics of the grands!! Looking forward to future blogs.
    Love you, Jodi

    1. I am so happy to see you here Jodi! I’m still adding content, and the grands will definitely be here. Love you too my friend❣

  4. Great job on the site Sherry! Glad you have a place where you feel safe posing your content. ❤️

    1. Thank you Joan, it is certainly fun so far if nothing else :). And now that I’m figuring out how to do things on my phone it will be even more fun! ?

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