Today Is National Gift Of The Ladybug Day, and…

…we just learned about it this week. I want to share this day because we “…have a child that has a difference of any kind…” in our family. And I love to celebrate her any chance that I get!

First, about this special day: Carol Mac, who made this day happen and authored a book by the same name, tells her story on her website. More information can also be found at the National Day Calendar for this date. In short, however, “National Gift of the Ladybug Day on January 28th honors all children with critical illnesses. The day is also an opportunity to raise awareness of childhood illnesses and support the children and the families facing medical differences.” We also find it significant that ladybugs have spots…just like our Lyra!

Lyra was born with Congenital Melanocytic Nevi (CMN) with Neurocutaneous Melanocytosis (NCM). You can follow these links for more information. Lyra will tell you all about her spots though, from her own perspective, and listening to her will leave you in wonder at the specialness of this little girl – now 7 – and her beauty that radiates through from her heart. Pictures can’t do justice to this kind of beauty, though if you want to see a collage of some of her baby pictures, this photographer did an amazing job!

Medical differences don’t have to define the child. In Lyra’s case (which is not “critical” though it can be – she is doing very well and the older she gets the less chance that her condition will become critical) she embraces her differences, and she loves her spots. She is aware that they make her unique, and that she is beautiful, and she is happy to answer questions people have; she has been instilled with a desire to educate and talk about her spots and what they means to her. I can summarize her self-awareness by sharing a conversation we once had. In talking about heaven I mentioned that we would have a new, perfect body someday. Lyra grew pensive, then sad. Finally she asked me, “God isn’t going to take away my spots, is He?”

Lyra is definitely a ladybug…and a wonderful, precious, and beautiful gift!


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