Monday Matters – Oct. 4, 2021 Edition

Well today has been an eventful day for much of social media, from what I understand. With Facebook and it’s minions WhatsApp and Instagram losing their place in the roster quite a number of people have been nearly frantic. And more upset that their social sites were down than that billions of them had their …
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Sometimes A Supper is JUST Right!

I’m not a food photographer, although you probably guessed that as soon as you saw this photo… What’s on my plate is roasted chicken thighs, cauliflower, and asparagus, plus air-fried sweet potato medallions. Details below! I’ve never used our air fryer for sweet potatoes before, so I was flying by the seat of my pants. …
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Some Low Carb/LCHF Experimentation

First, I didn’t take any photos. I didn’t plan on writing about it, so didn’t think of it. Second, you can decide if these fit into the stricter definition of “keto” (which is what everybody calls low carb these days). If you’re doing actual keto, then the carrots may be a deal-breaker; if you’re doing …
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VIDEO UPLOAD – Ideas From Our Supper Table

This video is also available on my Rumble account or my Gab channel. Since I do IF/moderate carb and hubby does pescatarian (actually mostly vegetarian but occasional fish) we often have 2 different meals with one shared dish; this is one such example.