Some Low Carb/LCHF Experimentation

First, I didn’t take any photos. I didn’t plan on writing about it, so didn’t think of it.

Second, you can decide if these fit into the stricter definition of “keto” (which is what everybody calls low carb these days). If you’re doing actual keto, then the carrots may be a deal-breaker; if you’re doing low carb – whether you’re calling it keto or not – you can probably make them fit into your plan.

Third, back in my Cheap Easy Low Carb video-making days it was a given that I don’t do numbers. I don’t measure, nor do I provide the nutritional data. And in my blog, I won’t do numbers either.

So I just ate too much the last few days, more than my usual OMAD, more carbs than is typical, etc., and by last night I was feeling like a bloated miserable slug. Until I decide differently – ie, until I’m feeling normal again – I will be doing two meals a day of extremely low carb with high fats. I’m aiming for 2 proteins, 1 veggie, and 1 greens serving – loosely defined – per day, with slight amounts of cheese and copious amount of butter and mayo, when called for.

Today I got hungry early and decided on some eggs. I like parmesan on, or in, eggs, but I also love my eggs on (low carb) toast. So I compromised: in a nonstick bird-safe frying pan I melted butter until it JUST BARELY started to darken, then sprinkled in some shredded parmesan and let it sit until it also started to brown. I added my eggs on top, breaking the yolks, with a little salt; when they started to set I removed it from the heat so the cheese wouldn’t burn, and put a cover on the pan. Within about 2 minutes it was ready, and a minute after that I was getting the sensation of eggs on some nice crunchy toast…but WAY deliciouser!

One of our favorite sides is simple: roasted cabbage and onions and/or some variation thereof. We recently bought a Ninja Foodi Digital Air Fry Oven (SP101) and I hadn’t tried it for these yet. I had a bag of plain cole slaw mix which I dumped into the shallow pan and mixed with chopped onions, garlic powder, S&P, and olive oil. Then I put it into the NFDAFO (!) on 400° for 10 minutes. After that time the top was nicely browned and crispy with those delicious burnt bits that we love, and the vegetables were already tender! I gave it a mix and put it in for 4 more minutes to brown the “new” top. FANTASTIC!!! And this is one of our favorite things but usually takes 45+ minutes in the regular oven, so I was thrilled with it! (And I had a steak.)

So these are just a couple of ideas. I may have discontinued my YouTube channel a few years ago, but I’m still all about cheap and easy! (Pete says that’s why he married me…but that’s a topic for another post…)

4 thoughts on “Some Low Carb/LCHF Experimentation

  1. You are incredibly gifted with putting things together to make wonderful … food … music … blogs/vlogs … you’re just GOOD!! 🙂

      1. I DID forget! Hadn’t thought of that in a long while!
        Would love to see you and SRW do the same puzzle side by side – wonder who’d finish first!! She’s good at them too! 🙂

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