Monday Matters – Oct. 4, 2021 Edition

Well today has been an eventful day for much of social media, from what I understand. With Facebook and it’s minions WhatsApp and Instagram losing their place in the roster quite a number of people have been nearly frantic. And more upset that their social sites were down than that billions of them had their personal data sold. That should tell us something – and not anything good! At any rate, I haven’t used those sites since last year, and federated sites, by definition, are immune to those same problems. Which is where I usually am, on and off, during the day.

Our car is still in the shop. They got the original issues fixed but said that the brake fluid was empty, yet there were no leaks, which told them that we need new brakes. So, in spite of being nearly desperate for transportation after almost 2 weeks, Pete told them to keep it another day and fix the brakes too. We are hoping to pick it up in time, tomorrow, to make a Costco run. There are things that we need which would be easier to get there, than to have to run around to multiple other stores.

So it got to be suppertime and we had a load of dirty dishes in the kitchen so no place to prepare food. (We don’t actually have counter space in the motorhome anyway.) I have been in loads of pain for a few days, and unable to do them, so they’ve just gotten wiped ‘n’ stacked, apparently. (When I’m hurting this much – or even less than this – I don’t even go out of the bedroom much; I just stay in my corner of the bed, with pillows piled around me to support my old bones!) I hadn’t been in the kitchen really, so I was surprised at how much they’d piled up…anyway, even if I was up to cooking tonight I couldn’t have. So Pete volunteered. He took some zucchinis – which I was actually craving anyway – a couple of potatoes, and some beef (patties for me, an 100% grass-fed organic steak for him) out to the grill. And what a FANTASTIC meal!! Absolutely fabulous. If I wasn’t so full I’d be eating the zucchini slices that are left. Most days (80% I’d say, or slightly more than 7 days/week) I eat OMaD. So for that meal every day I don’t worry overly much about how full my plate is…Anyway, FANTASTIC meal, thank you my love!

Lastly, our order came today. Our well water, though potable, is cloudy/brownish and has an awful smell and taste. The river that runs through the lot is very clear and no color or smell. We have been buying bottled water since we moved to this lot, every time we go to a town. And that’s just silly. In 17 months at a gallon per day that…well, a LOT. So finally last week I ordered a Traveler Plus gravity water filter by ProOne and today it arrived! Pete got it put together, and is running water through it per the instructions before we can use it. I can’t wait to see how the well water – or the river water – whatever – tastes! We’re thinking the river water will be better to use, but we’ll see how it all works out. I’ll keep you posted!

And that is our Monday. Hoping to get the car tomorrow. Hoping I can walk/get outside tomorrow. Hoping the water will be excellent tomorrow, and every day after. And hoping to be able to wash all of those dishes tomorrow too! Oh yeah, AND hoping to run across more fun memes for Tuesday Titters, because as of right now I only have 8 saved up from my weekend ramblings through social media after using up what I had for Friday Funnies…

So whatever tomorrow holds, there will be at least 8 Tuesday Titters hahaha! And I will definitely keep you guys posted on this site – probably in my chat box. Have a terrific day!


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