Photos Phrom Phebruary

The first few are just random pictures taken this month. At the Eagles club from Sunday, Feb. 25th The landlord from whom we lease this lot started cleaning up the tree from the big January storm this week; before and after photos

VIDEO: Vlog #2172 – A Typical Morning At Home

A couple of minutes of what our mornings usually look like after Pete (N8HIS) has finished with his nets and I have done my morning routine, and we are just relaxing, enjoying the animals both outside and in, and peace and quiet.

VIDEO: Wednesday Wildlife – Jan 24, 2024 Edition

Sharing some of the photos and a video that I got from inside the house today…this is a sample of the entertainment that we have in our yard nearly every day…and these guys absolutely crack me up! Today we didn’t have an awful lot of the smaller birds, they usually don’t come around when there …
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Wednesday Whatnots and Wherefores

Last week Pete and I went to a couple of thrift stores, and a some things caught my eye. First was a hose holder at one store…then a metal container at another…and that container had great colors that will go really well with the medallion I’d bought at an antique store in Indiana in 2022, …
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Supernal Sunday – Jan 14 2024 Edition

You can read about the last couple of days of stress, and even trauma, HERE, if you haven’t already. Without the VERY PRESENT help from God, I don’t know, literally, if we would have survived. I will let Pete, in his own words, tell you how God’s hand on us got us through – he …
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Blizzard Jan 12-14, 2024 Photos

These are the photos that Pete took when he was outside, actually walking around the yard and looking at the damage; they tell much more of the story than mine (shown at the bottom) do! I had NO IDEA about some of this…that the top of our majestic cedar tree, which was at least twice …
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Saturday Snaps – Pics From My Week

Starting with last weekend…the massive cedar tree in our yard needed surgery. There were some huge limbs hanging over Myrtle, and our landlord (we don’t own this amazing lot, but have a long-term lease) was afraid that they might come down. So he, along with the equipment and its handler, and J&E (who also do …
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Monday Morning Moments – Dec 18, 2023

Woke up to some gorgeous scenery outside the windows today! For my visually impaired and blind friends, these photos were all taken through our windows, and all share commonalities: the woods that surround our yard, snow on the trees and on the ground, turkeys and squirrels helping themselves to the food that we offer them, …
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VIDEO: Squirrels At The Window

Pete hung a bird feeder right outside our living room window and, though the birds love it, the squirrels have mostly taken over! (We also have multiple bird feeders elsewhere in the yard, no worries!) We are just as entertained by the squirrels as we are by the birds, and in fact the squirrels are …
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