GUEST POST from Don: Wind Chimes, Part II

PART II:  WIND CHIMES, and other things.

As reported in Part I, as I age I am finding that some things irritate this curmudgeon which didn’t as much when I was younger.  In Part I we talked about wind-chimes, crowds, and weights & measures.

I don’t want to submit an exhaustive list, because I would like to hear from you…  Not everyone experiences life the same way.  A friend likes wind chimes, his wife does not.  He said his house is run “democratically” … so they do not have wind chimes.

I will not claim I ever had great patience.  Age is upon me.  My life does not have so many years remaining.  I hate to waste time waiting.  

So, why do I have to wait 35 minutes for a doctor?  The appointment was at 2pm sharp.  I was in the waiting room 15 minutes early.  The office sent 3 text messages and 2 emails to remind me of the appointment.  Did they send any reminders to the Doctor?

To show that I am being fair, I was in the service industry and had set appointments to be at people’s homes, for example 2pm sharp.  (I do not expect the doctor to do something I did not do myself.)  I was on time or early for more than 97% of my appointments.  I was late 10 or fewer minutes 2.9% of the time.  (I know this because one summer I kept track.)  This was in spite of train track crossings, construction zones, and heavy traffic.  Why can’t a doctor, who never leaves the office, be on time more often?  I deserve better.  

At least they could serve a snack.

If in a store and a child  S H R I E K S  because he/she/it can’t have that sooper scooper noodle dooper toy RIGHT NOW!… it sets my whole electrical system on “red alert.”  This is why children should always be allowed to nap before a shopping trip.  (I, too.)  It also would be good to have a CPS reporting officer in every store.  Your kid shrieks, and you go on report and have to explain the outburst during a “home visit.”  

We have 3 children (now adults).  I can count on 2 fingers the number of times they shrieked in a store (when they were beyond the baby stage).  We extinguished that behavior quickly.  Did I mention that my entire electrical system gets disrupted?  Yes?  Well, if I had a weak heart I’m sure it would trigger an attack.  I do know that my vision gets blurry and my “fight or flight” program goes into hyper-drive.  

WOKISM, et. al.
In my youth there was a thing called, “Seeing it from the other side.”  Someone had a different opinion and I was more likely to ask them to explain than to shout them down.  Now no one is permitted to have a differing opinion.  If you even try to talk about your opinion you are shouted down (or beaten).  Further, your name is placed on the “Never Forgiven” list.  This is uncivil.  I do not like “cancel culture.”  I do not like any opinion which cannot be opposed in a calm manner.  

There have always been riots.  I think you will agree that they seldom accomplish anything that benefits society.  Further, law-abiding folk hate them.  So, now, wokism et. al. has ramped up “riot” to ordinary.  It has made hate mandatory.  It is breaking the sensibilities of society.  That’s not an opinion.  

I do not like it.  Let’s go back where we can discuss our differences and develop ways for both sides to act like adults.  The old ways of handling differences are far more valuable and equitable.  Even Northern Ireland found a path to peace (and it wasn’t through wokism).

It used to be that an irresponsible youth was a “punk.”  That is a pejorative.
Whole cities governments are now “punks.”  They want to de-fund things which lend value to the responsible citizens and allow the insane to run the asylums.  Killers and thieves are being gifted far more rights than ever before AND they are taking advantage.  Criminals don’t care who they hurt.  It also appears that some city governments also don’t care who gets hurt.  This is irresponsible.  We should de-fund those city governments, vote out the miscreants, and bring back civility.

I used to TOLERATE politics.  However, politics has devolved into “protecting my party” and “hurting the other party.”  It used to be (somewhat) about serving the people.  (Make Trump a criminal even if you have to lie about Russian collusion.  Show Biden as a criminal at all costs.)  I no longer care about the political parties.  I am required to join one to vote FOR a candidate in a primary, but that is the only value to signing that document.

I am more disgusted than ever by voters who never vote for anyone who does not have a D.  I am equally disgusted by voters who will never vote for a candidate without an R.  It is a rare thing to have a vote actually count.  However, on the off chance that mine will some day, I have decided to vote FOR America, not a party.  Don’t irritate me by voting against America because “your” party tells you it is OK.  You should be an American FIRST always.  

I would love to hear your comments.

Copyright 2023 Donald Whelpley

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