GUEST POST from Don: Blessing

“The Lord bless you and keep you; The Lord make his face shine upon you, And be gracious to you;  The Lord lift up his countenance upon you, And give you peace.”  Numbers 6:24-26 NKJV

Re-read that blessing aloud and let it feed you.

First, many people seem to downplay or ignore the importance of a spoken blessing.  But a blessing is much more than kind words.  With a blessing comes INTENT and/or INTENTIONALITY.  

As the opposite of pronouncing a curse to harm an individual, a blessing intones good things on another.  It is difficult (maybe impossible) to hate a person you are giving a blessing to.  So, a blessing is a statement of personal FAVOR.  The blesser is a cheerleader, a lover, a fan.

Now living further south than ever before, I get called “Honey” by lots of women I have never met before.  Personally, I reserve that word for those I know and love deeply.  I also hear “Bless you” spoken often here.  That also is something I do not throw in the direction of just anyone.  The person who receives my blessing is the one I truly want to bless.  Some use these words unthinkingly and casually.  They should not.

An unthinking blessing attaches worthlessness to the words.  That is sad in itself.  All words have actual meaning if used correctly.  To use words as mere “fillers” may speak loudly of the lack of the ability to communicate well.  

“And when you kissed my lips the world came to a stop and I finally felt worthy of love…”
Imagine these words being spoken in a monochrome, almost robotic, tone.  That is the same as a meaningless blessing.

A blessing should tightly hold both the person being blessed and the one pronouncing it.  There should be joy.  There should be love.  There should be the warmth of life.

Second, we should pronounce blessings more often.  That takes serious amounts of energy and thought.  One way is to include blessings in our daily prayers.  By that I mean that we should commit a time daily to talk to God; and part of that prayer time should be committed to praying for God’s blessing on others.  God is the giver of all good things.

Third, we should pronounce blessings not only during prayer.  Imagine replacing one criticism with a full-throated blessing.  “That blouse is ugly,” might become, “You are too beautiful to wear that blouse.”  Even better to forget the blouse and concentrate on how you can lift up the person: “You are the kindest person I know.  The Lord grant you great joy today!”

A true blessing is not something we just “spit out” because it just came to mind and we are urged to hurry on to more important stuff.  A blessing is always more important and more worthy than many of the other stuff of life.  Other things may be urgent, like my bladder when I first awake in the morning, but most urgent matters are ultimately merely a way of removing waste from our lives.  A blessing is never wasteful; it ADDS value and spiritual connection.

Fourth, well wishing is NOT like an electronic Hallmark card.  A blessing is far more than flowery words with a musical background.  A blessing is not simply a wish, rather it is a resolute pronouncement.  You are giving from your soul, from your person, and from your very being.  It may be costly to you.  It is not something you would do lightly; a token you might throw into a beggar’s cap.  

Now, the other side: RECEIVING a blessing.  Receiving a blessing is like unwrapping a fine gift.  One does not tear open the wrapping of a fine gift.  You take your time and enjoy the revelation for that is part of the gift.  Then you soak in the immensity of the value and the beauty of its construction.  You observe the intricacies, the fine hues, the smooth lines, and the craftsmanship.  Finally you consider the thoughtfulness and care that the giver put into selecting just the perfect item.  The giver did not hastily wrap it either.  And in the receipt you also desire to honor the giver by giving the gift your full attention.  You will remember this gift and this moment for long to come.

Aloud, please re-read the blessing (at the top).  Pause after each phrase and consider the implications for your life.  Let it FEED you.  Receive it as an incredible gift.


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