GUEST POST from Don: Living In High Horse Country

Another great post, in a totally different vein, from Don – enjoy!

Let’s just say that horses are everywhere near where I live.  In fact, it is somewhat amusing to pass a field with cows or goats because they are so rare in this county.  

Statues of horses are also everywhere.  Businesses have horses of a different color adorning their parking lots.  One nearby factory has FOUR statues of various colors near their entrances.  

Land-owners have them at their gates.  One of my customers has a silver statue of a horse standing in the back yard so they can see it whenever they sit on their deck.

Just outside the city limits is a countryside traffic circle which is crowned with a large statue of a famous horse.  Also, a strip-mall on the way to the east side of the city has four beasts with riders “jumping” a stone fence.

One day, after traveling a long, sinuous back road, I came across the “High Horse.”  It was a toy spring bouncy horse sitting atop a tall pole by the mailbox.  The less-wealthy family did not want to be left out of the horse-giddyness of the area, I guess.  The great comic relief was welcomed by this traveler.

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