GUEST POST from Don – July 31, 2022: The Bible Does Not Say That!

People believe, and often repeat, lies.  In fact, humans fall for lies and half-truths often, even the ones they make up in their own heads. As Abraham Lincoln once tweeted, “That is why commercials work so well.” (Think about it.)

Although this monograph is not about the following it illustrates the point… Recently the Supreme Court reversed Roe v Wade.  Many people THINK they outlawed abortion and loudly protest or quietly applaud the decision.  Of course, that thought is not true.  The legal decision did not “outlaw” anything.    

People make up their own motor vehicle laws, too.  Just come to a 4-way stop and watch people “wave” others on, as though THAT is the law.  It is not.  The law says that the first to stop is first to go.  If two stop at the same time, the one on the right goes first.  The “wavers” are encouraging you break the law.  Obeying a “waver” might earn you a ticket.  Another?  Turning left from a parking lot onto a road with a dedicated turn lane…it is illegal in every state to pull into that turn lane to wait for traffic to clear from the right.  But people think it is OK.  It is not.  If you ever saw a head-on collision from someone doing that and a person trying to legally turn left you would know what I mean.

Surely, people are much more careful with the Word of God!!!  >NOPE!

I have heard this false statement (even from long-time church attenders) most of my life:  “God won’t give you more than you can bear.”

It sounds “spiritual.”
It sounds like a “God promise to believers.”
We WANT to think that believers are super-protected against bad things happening to them.  After all, we have a Heavenly Father who is “able to deliver thee.”  Doesn’t He desire to protect His own children!

However, the statement is wrong (a.k.a. “a lie.”)  

First, it is wrong because He did not say that.  It is NOT in the Bible.  There are other “spiritual” saying which are not biblical, such as “God helps those who help themselves.”  Nope, not in there.  If it is not in the Scriptures then it is not biblical.

Second, it is wrong because it fails the “logical conclusion test.”  

THE TEST goes like this:  1) Since God is all-powerful and all-knowing, and 2) since He can prevent disasters from affecting His children, (3) therefore it follows that believers should never get sick with COVID, we should never have to wear glasses or go to the dentist, we should never experience financial loss, nor have failed relationships, and we should never experience physical death (that is way more than most people can bear…and God has provided no way of escape).

The truth is that many godly people have had to go through events that were impossible to bear.  Some have suffered terribly from cancer.  Some have had Lou Gehrig’s Disease (which is a horrible way to live and die).  Others have lost jobs and homes.  Some have had spouses cheat on them and/or ruin them financially because of alcoholism or drug abuse.  Some have lost children to accidents.  Some have suffered from eczema, seborrhea, and/or psoriasis.  Some have been tortured and others have been beheaded because of their faith.  

Personally, I have to believe that torture would be “more than I could bear.”  I can’t even stand stubbing my toe.

That is the problem with misquoting God.  When you ask the really tough questions the false quote breaks down completely and with a thud.  

So, let’s look at the very Scripture that so many misquote and ask “Why do so many CHANGE the Word of God from what it says to what they want it to say?”

1 Corinthians 10:13 (NIV)  “13 No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it.”


Paul is not writing about “TROUBLE,” “PAIN,” or “MORE stuff (of almost any sort) than you can bear.”  He is talking specifically about TEMPTATION, and only temptation.  He is not saying anything about persecution, disease, heartache, or bad food…  

I WISH he were!  I hate bad food!!!!!!  (“God, why do I have to eat green bean casserole again?  Won’t you do something?!!”)

There are only 3 reasons why people would lie about this Scripture:
a) Ignorance.  They do not know the truth.
b) Willfulness.  They WANT it to say that, so they MAKE it say that.  (I suggest that this reason is not “spiritual.”)
c) Perverseness.  They WANT others to believe a lie (like the snake in the Garden of Eden) so they will fall away from trusting God when bad things happen.  (I suggest that this reason is evil.)

Yet, what God promises in 1 Corinthians 10:13 is stunningly BEAUTIFUL.  He will not allow any temptation to come our way which we cannot bear, but will make a way to escape every temptation.  This is a wonderful promise and WORTH KNOWING truthfully.  God is stronger than any temptation Satan sends your way.  

I will rejoice in what the Bible says.  1 Corinthians 10:13 is perfect just as it is.


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