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The answer really is “42” and we will not like it.

“The answer to the great question…of Life, the Universe and Everything…is…forty-two.” — Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

That also happens to be the exact answer to “Climate Change” (or “Man-Made Global Warming”…depending on the argument of the day).

I have mentioned in a previous post that I do not know if I believe “Climate Change” to be true.  Our recent experiences with COVID showed us clearly that we cannot trust politicians or scientists to always tell us the whole truth about important issues even when they KNOW the truth.  So there are 3 possibilities:  1) They know that “Climate Change” is real, but there is NOTHING we can do to stop it.  Yet they are using it to push an agenda.  2) They are correct that it is real, and it CAN be reversed.  Yet the “plans” the government is pushing are useless.  3) It is a political stunt to push us to be sheep.  They know it is a lie (maybe that is why some who say they believe it use personal jets and own mansions on the coast.)  Maybe there is a fourth…4) They are wrong but don’t realize it (my actual bet, if I were a betting man, would be exactly this).  Nevertheless, instead of being TOLD what to do, maybe we can think carefully for ourselves and come up with the best global solution (assuming #2 is correct, since it is the only puzzle we are permitted to solve).  Logic is so cruel.

We are so busy making solar or wind energy programs, demanding that everyone “do more,” and pushing for electric cars that we have totally forgotten the entire basis of the liberal argument:  HUMANKIND.

According to this popular theory, without people on planet earth there would be absolutely no “Climate Change” (or “MMGW”).  And they think they know WHEN the tipping point was reached … probably some time between 1900 and 1970.  That is when the number of people on this planet and their desire for more and more stuff caused an economic revolution with factories, mass transportation, and a need for more and more power.

Essentially, in the last 30 years we have been trying to slow down a freight train while adding more and more fuel to the engine.  Every year the number of human inhabitants INCREASES by millions and each additional human requires food, clothes, shelter, products, and transportation.  There is not enough rare earths to build the batteries for the cars for all the extra people who will be added in the next 30 years.  We would have to plant trees in an area roughly equivalent to the size of Indiana each year just to absorb the ADDITIONAL greenhouse gases caused by those additional people.

The sane answer, of course, is to go backwards.  We have to stop adding fuel AND apply the brakes.  We have to solve the problem…AND THE BASIC PROBLEM IS THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE ON THE PLANET.  (Duh!)  The problem that drives the engine pushing us to our doom is that we have too many humans.

World population in 1990 was ~5.3 billion.  Thirty years later world population is ~7.7 billion.  That is a population increase of 46%  (For comparison, in the same 30 years we have been building windmills and they now globally produce less than 7% of the electricity, which means that the world is relying more on fossil fuels today than we were 30 years ago.)  OK.  Since the problem is the number of people and the global population is continuing to grow at alarming rates we MUST find a way to stop and reverse population growth at all costs.  In fact, this is the ONLY solution to the “Climate Change” problem that has ANY CHANCE of working.  Without controlling population NONE of the other big plans will work.  Fortunately, birth control is both the easiest and least expensive program available.  Even very poor countries can do it, and it benefits them the most.

What is extremely odd is that THIS solution is never discussed by politicians or “Climate Change” scientists in public.  Yet is solves every problem “caused” by human population EXCEPT the tax problem.  Fewer people means less tax revenue, eh?  And there is the rub…that may be why it is never discussed as an option.  Money is power and taxed money is incredibly powerful.  What politician wants LESS of it?!!

That is why WE should discuss it at every turn.  We should begin talking it up with every “Climate Change” proponent we can find.


Sadly, many, if you bring it up, will snidely suggest “You start first.”  That is an ignorant comment which requires no response.

This is a “birth control” issue.  

The idea which has to be eliminated is that a woman has a right to her own body.  An actual woman, in this brave new world, would not be presented with an opportunity to abort a child unless it was an illegal child.  Only married couples should be permitted to legally procreate.  With a marriage license would be issued a “golden ticket,” permitting the couple to create one child.  A second “ticket” would be permitted at the third anniversary if they had the means to care for another.  (Second or third marriages would only receive a “ticket” if no offspring were produced for either in their respective prior marriages).  Does that sound harsh?  I don’t think so…it is no more harsh than requiring everyone to buy an electric vehicle when there is an inadequate infrastructure to handle the present electrical needs (think California).

Why only married couples?  This has mainly an economic focus.  We don’t merely need to produce fewer children, but we also need fewer children who will drain societal resources (tax money).  Single parents (on average) have less ability to financially care for children than married couples and are more likely to need financial help.  Children without at-home fathers are more likely to become criminals.  There are also educational differences.  If there are fewer tax dollars available we must seriously reduce these kinds of societal expenses.

Global population thereby would dwindle to roughly 58% of its current levels within 40 to 50 years.  At that point we would merely need to maintain that population.  It is the 42% solution.

If it is worth doing “more”… then HERE is the ultimate “more.”

I do not like this solution.  In fact, I HATE IT.  However, it would accomplish the stated goal (whereas none of the other proposals currently on the table have a “snowball’s chance in Hell” of accomplishing anything).  

Remember, this is the only “puzzle” we are permitted to solve.  One thing is sure:  If world population is not reduced and if “climate change” is real, then all our push for MORE and all the other global agreements are doomed to fail … and the projected climate changes WILL change life for the worse for earth’s inhabitants.  

Therefore, you and I have a serious (and onerous) task ahead of us…we ARE FORCED to push for global birth control instead of the stupid programs which merely force us to pay more for everything with ZERO results.  

The answer to “life, the Universe, and climate change” is 42.


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