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1. Not everyone wants to know the truth.  Especially when the truth is a diagnosis of cancer.  
2. Some want only “Their” Truth.  They want to proclaim only that with which they agree.
3. Others refuse to hear anything with which they disagree.

So, here’s the question we should be asking…Who is open to the truth, even if it doesn’t fit their politics, religion, education, and/or race?

a. Truth IS.  It is not only in math that 1+1=2.  Truth is unchangeable.  If the goal posts keep moving around, you can know for a fact that you are not dealing with “truth.”  

b. We need to stop fighting over truth and start fighting FOR truth.  

For example:  Science.  Science is not truth, science is the SEARCH for truth.  It is a flawed system because: I) It is a study done by HUMANS.  Humans make mistakes, have faulty reasoning, say things for financial and political gain, and other stupid human stuff.  II) Science is not a constant.  Truth IS a constant.  The truth does not change, even when science makes new discoveries…the actual truth HAS NOT CHANGED.  Some (idiots, mostly) have “elevated” science to the level of religion.  They declare that everything science proclaims is “truth.”  They declare that same mantra even if science pronounced the exact opposite theory just yesterday (1984, anyone?)  So, I have absolutely no issue with science (properly understood).  My issue is with those who think science is truth.  I love the search for truth.  I love that truth is still the truth even if it is hidden, if it is not comfortable, and even when science has it wrong.  

As if we needed any more proof that science is only the search for truth, I quote Yahoo News from early February:  [The vortex formed after a giant plasma filament located at 55 degrees latitude broke off from the sun’s surface. While this is the first time we’ve observed anything quite like this, the National Center for Atmospheric Research says increased solar activity at that particular location is a common feature of the 11-year solar cycle, during which the sun builds up to “solar maximum,” flips its polarity, then resets to “solar minimum.”  However, the scientific community doesn’t know why it happens or how it affects the reversal of the sun’s magnetic field.]  

Scientists do not know.  I’m thinking that someone there was switching out their Ray-O-Vacs about then.

When Fauci declared “I am science,” it was a bad declaration.  He was trying to get us to believe that he knew the truth and that he should be therefore believed.  Well, his story had changed several times.  Which time was he the proclaimer of “the truth?”  Scientific studies have repeatedly shown that masks  do not work very well, and only if they are the correct masks AND if they are worn correctly.  At the early stages of COVID the CDC recommended that everyone wear masks, social distance, and wash hands.

They KNEW (as did I because I read the historical analyses of previous infections) that their push to have everyone wear masks would fail.  The evidence was overwhelming.  Few had appropriate masks, almost no one was wearing them correctly.  History told them (and me) that masking and social distancing were doomed to fail again…and for the same reasons they had failed before.  The ONLY effective recommendation they gave was “wash your hands with soap and water.”  That works except in the case of primarily airborne viruses.  They knew quite early (within 6-7 weeks) that COVID was principally a contact virus.  

Why did masks fail?  Science is little help here.  Sociology is.  1) People don’t wear them correctly.  I was in an emergency waiting room in the spring.  Masks were required.  50 people in the room and only 3 had their noses covered (I was one of the 3).  2) As before, there are certain behaviors where masks are not worn.  Yes, eating, which is done usually with family or friends.  The other behavior is also obvious…sex.  What happens when boys want to hook up with girls (or boys)?  Do you think they are going to follow the rules?  As happened in all previous pandemics, people still “hooked up.”  So…how are you going to stop THAT?  You can’t.  People do stupid people things.  So, I knew early on that masks were a joke.  So did the scientists.  So did every governor, and so did Fauci.  It wasn’t truth.

Finally, in early February of this year the CDC finally admitted that masks were ineffective.  Based on a review by a panel of scientists, they proclaimed that masking may have done little to nothing to curb the spread of COVID.  It took years to admit the obvious.  When scientists deny the truth for so long it is a serious problem.  Even now, some still do not want to hear the truth.  

Politics is rarely truth.  Rep. Adam Schiff is proud of his lies for which he was censured…because they were “effective.”  That is insane!  If you or I were in Congress we would be proudest when we told the truth.  Why does anyone ever think politicians are honest?  Unfortunately, those we rely on to counter the lies of politics also are political.  When the press becomes full-bore political you have no semblance of truth coming from that source either.  Social media also restrained the truth during the pandemic, which means that “free speech” wasn’t.  We have long-expected communist countries to restrict truth.  It is part of the package.  But America?  

Sorry!  I cannot hide my disgust.

Here’s my point:  Your politics, race, religion, or sex should not matter when looking for truth.  It is never “your truth” or “my truth.”  Truth IS, and should be promoted and championed no matter how inconvenient (or convenient) it may be.  There is no such thing as “black truth,” or “female truth,” or “Republican truth,” or “California truth.”  We all should fight for THE truth.  Fortunately, those who love truth CAN FIND it if they are diligent.    

Copyright 2023 Donald Whelpley

[PLEASE NOTE that Don is always open to discussing the thoughts and opinions he shares here and welcomes comments as shared in the comment section. He doesn’t use other social media platforms, as I do, and won’t see whatever you’d like to share with him elsewhere. ~ Sherry]


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