GUEST POST from Don: Romantic Sunset At The Beach

My wife and I were having a relaxing weekend at the cottage near the lake.  It was our anniversary and I planned a wonderful experience for us.

After being married longer than we were single it was difficult to plan something special.  That, and I am particularly NOT a celebratory-type of person.  I would rather not have a cake made for my birthday.  I do not like presents or parties.  So, doing something nice is, in itself, rather a special thing and my wife understands it (finally).  However, my wife loves to celebrate.

So, on our anniversary I told her we would be taking a ride, then picking up something at a restaurant (probably pizza, she would think).  We drove some back roads to a small beach where we had swum a few times.  The sun was low in the western sky and the weather was very warm and dry.  We set out for a romantic walk along the beach, but the sun was low enough that its rays reflected off the water which doubled the brightness.  Even with sunglasses it was far less than “romantic.”  In fact, it was almost migraine-inducingly bright.  Thinking it was just the direction we were walking, we turned and headed the other way.  Except NOW the sun and reflection were stabbing us in the eyes as they bounced off the back side of the sunglasses.

We laughed and sought shelter in a nearby picnic pavilion.  Sitting on a picnic bench facing away from the lake we finally found the ocular relief we needed.

The best part of our “romantic” walk was, and still is, the joy we found in sharing the painful experience TOGETHER.  The most special part of the day was not the walk, not the beach, and not the sunset…it was the together.  But then, I always have been a Romantic.


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