GUEST POST from Don: Quirky!

As a person who has spent most of his life in Michigan, the small town in Kentucky where we now live is often amusing.  I am sure the long-time residents here think of it as “homey.”

Driving south on Main I have to turn left to get home.  Traffic at 4 pm is heavy.  There is NO break to make the turn (and do not even try it at a traffic light).  So, I am surprised when, every once in a while, a motorist travelling north will stop and wave me onto my street.  I was a bit irritated the first time because I was not expecting it.  It has, however, become almost expected and greatly welcomed.  I am thankful for the hospitable nature of this town.  

To get to know my town better I decided very early on that I would get a library card.  Sunday afternoons I make the jaunt to the newspaper section, pick up the county newspaper and the one from a neighboring city.  Reading actual newspapers is a very pleasurable experience.  I relax and see what is what and who is who.  (The city paper has comics.)  I found out, for instance that the town has a “Finance Court.”  Apparently local social groups, charities, and business entities can request grants or short-term loans.  The court seriously considers each request and may grant the loan OR ask the group to do additional research or come back with additional details.  Once they gave a group permission to use a township building rather than using a loan to rent someplace else.  Town government that actually HELPS the town??  Quirky!

This week I could not believe it!  The local police department had received a used cube van free from military surplus.  Someone suggested they make it into an ice cream truck for community functions.  What!?!  Yup!  That’s what they did.  They will stop at local parks and hand out FREE “Copsicles” to neighboring kids (and maybe a sad-looking senior citizen????)  Flavor Ice donated 1,000 popsicles to get them started.  It has a great paint job and is called “Operation Copsicle.”

I think we are growing to love this town.


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