GUEST POST from Don: The Re-Colonization of America, pt. I

The RE-COLONIZATION of America  (Part I)

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Hundreds of years ago Europeans began to colonize America.  The Native Peoples were pushed out of their lands.  Eventually those Native Peoples were eliminated, absorbed, or relegated to reservations.

Last year approximately 3+ million illegals crossed our borders, according to several sources.  That added about 1% to our population.  In the next 25 years they will be more than ¼ of our population.  So, it is happening again.  There is no longer any need to criticize Christopher Columbus or tear down his statues.  He no longer matters.  The results of his journey are now the distant past; there is a new wave of immigration happening which will eliminate, absorb, or relegate all of the previous colonizers of this land, including American Indians.  

The NEW Colonization of America is not like the previous one and certainly not like the ones before that one.  Strangely, it is being encouraged and supported by a mere handful of current Americans.  One can only guess why this is so important to them.

The NEW colonizers are not wealthy, skilled, or highly educated.  Indeed, in this colonization, the wealth of current Americans is being diverted to transport, feed, clothe, house, and educate the NEW colonizers.  Who is the new Columbus who will be criticized in a few centuries?  That person (or group) is the one who is encouraging and supporting this NEW migration.

The result will be a country substantially unlike what we have known.  It will also be not so different from those places from which those immigrants came.  There are none who argue that the NEW immigration will improve upon that which we already have.

If we are honest (and we should be), the American Native Tribes were far from perfect.  Some were war-like.  Some had slaves.  Women had few rights.  There was often food insecurity.  They lacked proper sanitation or good medicine.  They had shortened lifespans and few opportunities for social mobility.  Their education was sorely lacking beyond certain skills (hunting, gathering, tool-making, farming).  Agriculture was rudimentary.  Scientific pursuits were practically nil.  

The European replacement was also not without serious failings.  However, it had several things that the previous inhabitants lacked.  One of those things was its form of government.  It was a system never seen before which provided more opportunity for the individual than any other form of government in the entire history of the world.  It allowed the offspring to be what their ancestors could only have imagined.  Land ownership, education, transportation, etc. were all beneficial to the goal of colonization.  

So, I think this NEW wave of immigration will bring many changes.  While many who come are seeking the advantages of America, they also are bringing with them the failed systems of their home countries.  In those countries, opportunity often comes in the form of dark business, hiding from the government.  Prostitution, drug running, rings of thieves are common.  Misusing others to get ahead…the poor stealing from the poor.  It is a system where “getting ahead” makes you a target for someone else who wants to “get ahead” faster.  It is a system which downplays the importance of rule of law and due process.  It is a system which does not elevate science, education, or self-sufficiency.  Those who come do not come seeking to develop a better life…they want to be granted a better life.  All of this would not matter much if there were not millions streaming across the border annually.  But there are.

What changes do you think are coming?

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4 thoughts on “GUEST POST from Don: The Re-Colonization of America, pt. I

  1. Look at “help wanted” adds near major cities in the southern states. They all require “Spanish Speaking”.

    It is nearly impossible to find a job unless English speaking individuals learn Spanish.

  2. Thanks, E.
    True. Locally few landscape, mowing and roofing contractors have non-hispanic workers.
    More changes are coming. A few may be positive. I suspect most will not.

  3. Good point. As you think of it, please pray for my friends who are nurses and have been trying to find work since 2020. Unfortunately there are no available positions for nurses who only speak English. Please pray that positions will open without them having to learn Spanish. Thanks so much.

  4. Will do, E!

    By the way, home health organizations always have openings for nurses and don’t care as much about multilingual abilities. They just need workers. Not a forever job, but it can get them through.
    Second, travel nursing pays huge benefits. 3 months in another state is about 6 months of wages (and it pays for food and housing).

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