GUEST POST from Don: The “Holier Than Thou” Attitude of “The Boy Who Cried ‘Wolf’”

The “Holier Than Thou” Attitude of “The Boy Who Cried ‘Wolf’”

We are familiar with Aesop’s fable.  A silly lad laid out a plan to amuse himself.  His plan “worked.”  It was very effective.  He was so pleased with his own creativity that he tried it again, and indeed it was as effective as he had imagined it would be.  In his own mind he was superior to the village folk.  They believed his lies.

The New Testament makes it clear that ALL lies come from the “Father of Lies.”  Satan loves lies because something false is always the exact opposite of what God desires as well as opposite of what we need.

In Isaiah 65:1-5 we see a people who are living exactly opposite of God’s commands.  They are eating swine and other “unclean” meats (forbidden meats for God’s people).  They are offering incense to God on an altar of bricks (a forbidden method of presenting an offering to God).  Mostly they are proud that they are doing everything that is evil in God’s eyes.  They consider themselves “Holier than Thou,” that is, they think they are more holy than God Himself.  They had no use for God because they esteemed their OWN ways more than they esteemed God.

So, “the boy who cried ‘wolf’ “ esteemed himself higher than the villagers because his lies were EFFECTIVE.

Which brings us again to Representative Adam Schiff.  (Don’t imagine that I say this because I am Republican or Democrat…I would say the same thing no matter his affiliation.)  He was censured by the House of Representatives for lying about a sitting official.  It matters not WHO that official was.  It matters not what the lies were about.  What matters is that he used his position as a member of Congress to lend weight to those lies.  His lies were meant to deceive fellow leaders and all Americans.  Significant HERE is that he was proud of his lies because they were EFFECTIVE.

However, his lies were not as effective as he imagined.  Sure, when he first said he had “proof” many believed he had something.  If you were like me (I don’t pay much attention to politics generally) you quickly realized he had nothing.  Logic told us that revealing the evidence (showing the wolf) would be far more damaging than not.  What reason would he have to hold back such “damning” evidence?  You and I soon understood it was because there was no “wolf.”  He was merely lying, we decided.  That was eventually revealed in full to everyone.  Those who have been hurt by liars know that once you know they are willing to lie you will never allow them to fool you again.  Either a person is a truth-teller or a liar.  There is seldom a middle ground for those who value themselves.  Politics is not a significant enough reason to lie. (Actual war, on the other hand, is…almost all of war is an attempt to deceive the enemy).  One who is willing to lie for something so mundane as politics or to sell a product will lie about anything (that person’s spouse and friends should not trust him or her).  

Thus, the more he lied the less believable he became.  The only reason to continue the lie was to continue to fool people for his own amusement.  It was to laugh at those who believed.  It was to show everyone how crafty, intelligent, and creative HE was.  It was to PROVE he was “Holier than Thou.”

That is an attitude which leads down a dark, foreboding road…the end of which is not something either the “boy” or the “Schiff” desired.  The wolf will come.  Judgment will be passed.  And just like happened to the “boy who cried ‘wolf’ “  and those people God spoke about in Isaiah 65:1-5 … doom is the only possible or appropriate result.  

Is there another option?  Sure there is.  He could apologize.  He could submit to the censure and admit he did wrong.  Just as the boy could have apologized and shown sorrow for his deceit.  Even those in Isaiah’s day, had they submitted to God and changed their ways, would have been spared the coming judgment.  

However, those who believe they are “holier” seldom change.  They imagine themselves ABOVE every other being.  They imagine themselves to be the most intelligent, most talented, person in any room.  Their hubris is overwhelming (to themselves).  They cannot imagine being humble and aren’t.  They cannot imagine themselves admitting their errors and don’t.  When you imagine yourself higher than God…

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