VIDEO: Vlog #2157 – My Beautiful Day With Pete – August 19, 2023

Pete and I decided that this year we will have many small celebrations and good times together throughout the month of August as we build up to our actual anniversary on the 31st. This was one of those quiet, special days.

VIDEO: Everlasting God (Tyros5, Ukulele)

FUN STUFF! I used to play my ukuleles a lot more than I have since we moved, mainly because previously I had a spot to keep one or two next to me, so it was convenient. And now I have a spot, so have started to pick ’em up again. While it definitely shows that …
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World Ukulele Day 2023

Here are some photos of some of our ukuleles. They’re all mine except the banjolele, which is Pete’s, and the blue one, which is Leelan’s. (Don’t forget to check out My UGE Ukulele Site List page!) This is an older one that I recorded in 2021.

Thursday Thoughts – Nov. 3, 2022 Edition

Hi, guys, I’ve had a couple of things running through my mind the last few weeks that I want to share with you! First, I don’t want my blog to get stale. The meme posts, of course, get lots of attention from visitors (which is great!), and Don’s guest posts appear to have a very …
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My UGE Ukulele Site List!

This is not exhaustive – yet! – but it is always growing! I pretty much add every useful ukulele site I find to it, which most of them are, only omitting those which are either inactive, or abandoned projects that were probably begun with great intentions but the site owner lost interest, or wasn’t able …
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VIDEO UPLOAD – Trying Out My New Electric Ukulele

This is my first recording with my first electric ukulele. I’m playing it like I play my acoustic ukes because that’s the only way I know how ?. I chose the song earlier today, created an arrangement on my Yamaha PSR-S950, recorded it, then finally connected the ukulele to the keyboard and recorded playing it …
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