VIDEO: Everlasting God (Tyros5, Ukulele)

FUN STUFF! I used to play my ukuleles a lot more than I have since we moved, mainly because previously I had a spot to keep one or two next to me, so it was convenient. And now I have a spot, so have started to pick ’em up again. While it definitely shows that I hadn’t played since last fall, this was SO MUCH FUN! I always loved creating arrangements on my keyboard and recording them as backing tracks for my ukuleles. I grabbed a previously recorded track today just for fun, and decided that, no matter how unpolished it is, I’d record it anyway. So here it is!

As always, this is to share with my friends, not a performance. But I hope you enjoy it anyway!
“If you seek perfection, look elsewhere.” ~ Chiafucius

2 thoughts on “VIDEO: Everlasting God (Tyros5, Ukulele)

  1. Oh Sherry sweetheart…That sounds as if you’ve been playing EVERY DAY for weeks, months, years! Very, very nice. YOU playing the keyboard, then YOU playing the ukulele WITH…YOU playing the keyboard…NOW…Hear me out…YOU…SINGING while YOU playing the ukulele with YOU on the keyboard! A ONE WOMAN BAND! I certainly enjoyed this. Keep-up the FANTASTIC job! I love you…

    1. I appreciate your kind words, and know that they are sincere :). You know how it is when you play an instrument, you hear your own mistakes no matter how tiny they are! Now THAT would be an interesting project wouldn’t it! Hmmm…wonder if I could make that happen… Although I’m not a singer, I’m a SCWALKER! (Get it? hahaha!) Anyway, I just might give that some thought! I love you too!

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