My UGE Ukulele Site List!

This is not exhaustive – yet! – but it is always growing! I pretty much add every useful ukulele site I find to it, which most of them are, only omitting those which are either inactive, or abandoned projects that were probably begun with great intentions but the site owner lost interest, or wasn’t able to complete it. I use as my web portal (and have for years) and it doesn’t allow me to share sections of it, such as my Ukulele section, so I THOUGHT I had to copy the links here manually. But I just discovered a way to save myself all that work, so YAY! And it will update when I update my links too!

A couple of notes:

  • You will notice a lot of Christian links; that’s because, as a Christian musician, I like playing that type of music on my ukulele (and keyboards) the best.
  • I put these in alphabetical order, so as not to show favoritism. I DO have favorites, though.
  • I may – or may have – put some non-ukulele links here. Those would be because my favorite sheets to play from are in the “fake book” format, so any online music sheets in this format I consider suitable as ukulele music. Or keyboard music for that matter.
  • Though there are a lot of music sheets and tabs here, I also have included informational sites that I may find useful in the future. So it isn’t only music.
  • I do my best to only share resources here that are already freely shared online. I know that some people who share things, especially music sheets or tabs, don’t have permission however, so if you own something that I should not have included, please let me know so that I can take it down, ok?

So now here is the link to my list. I always seem to be adding to it, so it will update now and then. Feel free to share it, too, and let me know of any additions you think I should add, I ALWAYS love finding new ukulele-related sites! Thanks for reading!

Sherry’s Uge Useful Ukulele List


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