VIDEO UPLOAD – Trying Out My New Electric Ukulele

This is my first recording with my first electric ukulele. I’m playing it like I play my acoustic ukes because that’s the only way I know how ?. I chose the song earlier today, created an arrangement on my Yamaha PSR-S950, recorded it, then finally connected the ukulele to the keyboard and recorded playing it all together. (I’m a lot better on keyboards, being a lifelong pianist, but I have just as much fun with my ukes!) Anyway, people said they wanted to hear the new uke so here it is…and all those reviews were totally on point that said the strings are “crap”… I will definitely be replacing them which should get more consistent sound. Thanks for listening, anyway… I’m having a blast! ?

This is There Is Joy In The Lord by Cheri Keaggy.

This video is also available on my Rumble account or my GabTV channel.

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