Thursday Thoughts – Nov. 3, 2022 Edition

Hi, guys, I’ve had a couple of things running through my mind the last few weeks that I want to share with you!

First, I don’t want my blog to get stale. The meme posts, of course, get lots of attention from visitors (which is great!), and Don’s guest posts appear to have a very loyal following as well. My “journals” – What I Eat, and Health – also have a number of people who check in frequently. However, I don’t want the site to get stale, I want to keep it fresh, so I’ve been making some plans which I will implement starting this month.

Back in my YouTube days I had a very popular channel called CheapEasyLowCarb that had an excellent subscriber base. I’m not going to do that one again BUT I will do something similar, a remake if you will. There are probably hundreds of low carbers, ketoceans, carnivores, ketovores, etc. (it was MUCH simpler back in the day!) making videos and sharing recipes online now. So yes, I will be building upon the precepts of CELC, but with a bit of a different focus: it is harder to do “cheap” these days, so I will include more about sourcing foods…I am working with very limited space for prep and cooking, so that will figure into my recipes…given my ongoing and progressive physical issues, I simply can’t do things the same way I used to, so there will be more emphasis on the “easy”…lastly since Pete eats differently than I do now, I will occasionally include things that I could indulge in occasionally but that I’ve created specifically for him – occasional “compromise” dishes because I know that not everyone who eats like I do lives with people who share their dietary habits!

Will all of these aspects – cheap, easy, fast, and not-quite-as-low-carb – be included in every video? No. But I have already set those concepts as the framework of this series of videos, so they will be more rounded out than the CELC recipe videos of yore. I’m excited for the challenge!

A huge part of my life has always been music. So I will be starting Music Mondays shortly. I plan to include things from my musical life, not only “demos” but things like some short tutorials, sharing the things I’m learning along the way with the Tyros5, my ukuleles, and even my Otamatone, fun things such as memes (of course!) plus other content I find interesting, fun, enlightening, or inspiring enough to share. The goal is to have one demo – because I’m not really a “performer” – every week, served up with some extra content each Monday.

Lastly, it was suggested to me that I put more “Facebook-like” content out there, such as things I used to share there in the old days. Great idea! So the things that I share on my alternate social sites – mainly Mastodon and Gab, which are exactly the types of things I used to share on Facebook – I will ALSO put on my News & Updates feed. (This is the “live” feed that I update, on the main page of this site.) I’ve gotten into the habit of putting up a couple of updates most days, with my miscellaneous microblogs and other social flotsam & jetsam going up on Mastodon and Gab. Now, whatever I post on those places, if appropriate of course, will also go into my own blog’s feed. (NOTE that commenting is not only allowed here, but welcome!)

So those are a few changes that I’m excited about, and looking forward to! My mind is swirling with ideas and plans almost obsessively, and has been for a couple of weeks, so I can’t wait to get started! This will be a fun month on Chia Chatters!

2 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts – Nov. 3, 2022 Edition

  1. Sounds good to me!! Looking forward to whatever you include in the mix!! Always interesting, enjoyable, informative content!

    1. My timing is awful though LOL! Got my plans all made and posted, then the Twitter exodus hit Mastodon and I’m moderating my fingers to the bone :). (I am NOT complaining!) Taking up a lot more of my online time, but it will all get done in time…right? RIGHT???

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