VIDEO – A Little Walkabout Yesterday

A friend had asked what it was like where we are now parked, so I turned on my phone’s camera while I had Maisie outside yesterday and recorded this for her. This video is also available on my Rumble account, my GabTV channel, or Savior Connect.

Got The Car Back! Out & About Pics!

We got our car back today. The original issue was fixed – YAY! BUT they said we need new brakes (the front brakes, which do most of the stopping, are down to 20%!) – BOO – AND brake lines which are rusting out and leaking…AND if we had to stop fast they’d just fall apart, …
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Autumn Colors – Oct. 21, 2020

These are some photos I took around the yard. It was a lovely sunny day, probably got up to about 60°F, and we still had some good colors despite the windy rain we’d had. I just love the colors against a bright blue sky! (I set this slideshow to move automatically so you don’t have …
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Autumn – Things are Starting to Change!

The leaves and foliage around our leased lot is starting to change! First, I wasn’t aware until a few years ago that some evergreens lose their green – thereby making them not-ever-green? – for the winter! We have a few piney-type trees that are doing just that, as well as the cedars (including the massive …
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Autumn is my second-favorite season, and this shows why! I love winter best, and autumn leads to winter. But also, we are finally past the hot weather – which I despise! – here in Michigan, and the colors…oh the colors! They simply cannot be described, something as magnificent as autumn colors must be experienced! But …
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