Got The Car Back! Out & About Pics!

We got our car back today. The original issue was fixed – YAY! BUT they said we need new brakes (the front brakes, which do most of the stopping, are down to 20%!) – BOO – AND brake lines which are rusting out and leaking…AND if we had to stop fast they’d just fall apart, we’d lose the fluid, and therefore our stopping power. BUT if we were to let them do that work it would quadruple the total bill – YIKES! So we’re going to get quotes…but meanwhile we DID get to Costco to stock up on stuff, I hadn’t been out of our yard for 2 weeks and was getting kind of desperate. So we carefully went to Midland County to shop and also to see Casey & Bill & the grands for a short visit. Below are some photos I took today.

I tried to get a picture across the river but the sun was so bright it doesn’t show what I was seeing, which was some BRIGHT red leaves across the river (mid-right side of photo) that look washed out and barely pink, plus some lavender flowers along the bottom which don’t show up at all. I will have to try again on the next sunny day…

I only took one picture on the way to Midland because I was driving; I stopped to take this one which was the first color I saw today – and, I later saw, this was very subtle compared to what we’d pass after this. But 2 weeks ago when I was last out and about the trees were 97% green. Today there was about 20% vivid, beautiful color! But…I was on the freeway, driving, and couldn’t take pictures.

We went to a new-ish restaurant in Midland (where Shirlene’s used to be, for anyone familiar with the area) and the food was delicious! Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of it, which I’d fully intended to do…but I did get a picture of the menu, at least.

Pete got a seafood platter, I got a chicken pita and onion rings. Food was VERY good – about an 8/10 overall.

Doggone it, I wish I’d gotten photos…

Then we went to Costco. We didn’t fill our cart like we usually do…but we only spent half as much as usual too! Since I have no place to do a haul video here are a couple of pictures of what we bought:

Then we stopped at Casey & Bill’s to see them and the kids. I wanted to get pictures of all of them too but the kids were wild and I couldn’t catch any photos. At least I got this one of Casey and Luna as we were getting ready to leave! And the colorful trees that were showing over the top of her house.

When we got home, look at what Pete gave me!

I love him SO MUCH❣️❣️❣️

Tonight I was sitting on the side of the bed, the window in front of us was open and though it was dark outside Maisie and I could hear the night sounds by the animals. I was asking her, “What was that? Did you hear it? What was it?” in an excited voice. She’s so stinkin’ cute…

I hope you enjoyed today’s photos! I’m not sure when the car will be going back in for the brake work, I know it will be labor intensive – the dealership quoted 7 hours! – but hoping it won’t have to be gone longer than a single overnight, just a day would be better! I’m anxious to get out and take pictures of the fall colors to share with you guys!

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    1. Neighbor Deb brought them over and gave them to him to give to me. It wasn’t like him to get me flowers so I had to beat it out of him hahaha!

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