VIDEO – A Little Walkabout Yesterday

A friend had asked what it was like where we are now parked, so I turned on my phone’s camera while I had Maisie outside yesterday and recorded this for her.

This video is also available on my Rumble account, my GabTV channel, or Savior Connect.

2 thoughts on “VIDEO – A Little Walkabout Yesterday

  1. Hey Sherry, sorry its been sooo long….lazy but you and Pete are always in my thoughts and prayers. Been thinking I gotta get over to her site and just don’t get to it. Maisie looks good…..its starting to get there cold there. I am doing fine….went to visit my youngest Rosemary in New Orleans she is getting ready to buy their first home….thanks be to God…..they still have the inspection but think God has it in his hands and wrapped up……hope you and Pete and the dogs are doing good and your Casey and the beautiful grand kids. This world is well upside down for sure we just need to pray and keep trusting and standing for the truth. My youngest is coming with her finance for Thanksgiving God willing….and then my son gets married Jan. 15 and then next September Rosemary gets married been caught up with all that. My sons wedding is gonna be small just family and a few friend and Rosemary’s a little more because his family is a little bigger. My Mom who is 81 has been having some issues too but thank God has come through it…..God Bless you both know that your always in my heart……love you….Debbie

    1. I’ve been thinking of you a lot lately, and figured you were busy with the holidays coming up. Lots of weddings but it sounds like you’ll get them all married off within a year, so that will make it easier to remember how long they’ve all been married hahahaha!

      Now that Pete’s out of the hospital and on the right track again things are good here, other than our car being in the shop for the last 16 days and counting…son-in-law Bill has been bringing us groceries and such but we really need our car back soon. It’s taking us time to recover from that nightmare but we are thankful that God brought us out on the other side!

      I do my best to stay away from news and worldly things, but am now moderating for one of the groups I’m in on social media so unfortunately I do have to at least scan all the political “discourse” going on there. Otherwise I’d just be able to get on with a peaceful heart. Without Jesus and His promises I’d be a basket case LOL!

      It is always so great to hear from you Debbie, I think of you so much, and pray that all is well! I should be better about sending texts just to say hi and keep in touch, too! Love you my friend!

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