Autumn – Things are Starting to Change!

The leaves and foliage around our leased lot is starting to change! First, I wasn’t aware until a few years ago that some evergreens lose their green – thereby making them not-ever-green? – for the winter! We have a few piney-type trees that are doing just that, as well as the cedars (including the massive cedar you see in almost every picture!). Birch trees are among my favorites, and the leaves become a brilliant yellow-gold, which is starting to happen now…and various deciduous trees are showing reds and oranges as well.

So today I decided that I’ll post our autumn as it continues into winter (my favorite season!) in pictures. Maybe not every day, but at least a couple of times a week I’ll take a few photos and post them so that you can watch the colors change with me. The first group of photos is showing the beginnings of the changes…then I’ll post a group of photos that I took as we were out and about.

The next group of pictures were taken during our drives around the north-central Michigan area during the last few days. (We don’t typically stick close to home when we’re out, we like to explore!)


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