Some Visitors

I just posted some photos on my Pixelfed account of part of the wildlife that visited this afternoon. Since I was in my corner I grabbed a few photos through the window – hence the lack of sharpness – while I was enjoying watching them. Here is what I wrote to accompany the photos (and …
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VIDEO – Plus Catching Up, Then Getting Behind Again!

This video is also available on my¬†Rumble account¬†or my¬†GabTV channel. So on Friday I posted the Friday Funnies – and it was a good bunch, wasn’t it! – and then our 7YO granddaughter Lyra came to spend a few days. I always get a lot of enjoyment out of spending time with her, and this …
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July 25, 2021 Wildlife In Our Yard

Maisie and I were just relaxing outside and I took a few photos of the turkeys and bunnies (there were actually 2), so I thought I’d share them here. Later on there were deer, and baby turkeys, and of course a dozen different types of smaller birds, as usual…but these are the ones I took …
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A Fun Wednesday

I hadn’t been out and about for a week so yesterday Pete and I went out to do some errands. We stopped for lunch at a favorite place of ours, it’s a good distance from us (Farwell, MI) but worth the trip. They have great food there, and I like that we can sit comfortably …
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VIDEOS – A Few Short Video Uploads

Just scroll down to see them, I will post them in date order with the oldest on top!These videos are also available on my Rumble account or my GabTV channel. June 23, 2021 Vlog #2056 (4m14s) June 24, 2021 Vlog #2057 (5m5s) June 21-27, 2021 Slideshow (29s)