A Fun Wednesday

I hadn’t been out and about for a week so yesterday Pete and I went out to do some errands. We stopped for lunch at a favorite place of ours, it’s a good distance from us (Farwell, MI) but worth the trip. They have great food there, and I like that we can sit comfortably …
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VIDEOS – A Few Short Video Uploads

Just scroll down to see them, I will post them in date order with the oldest on top!These videos are also available on my Rumble account or my GabTV channel. June 23, 2021 Vlog #2056 (4m14s) June 24, 2021 Vlog #2057 (5m5s) June 21-27, 2021 Slideshow (29s)

VIDEO UPLOAD (not mine) – Pileated Woodpecker

As you likely know, we have Johnny the Pileated that Pete feeds. Johnny comes flying in whenever Pete goes outside, and really gives him what-for if his feeder gets empty! This video was posted on Rumble on the Wild Creatures channel and it is so clear and lovely I wanted to share it for you …
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