Monday Media – June 10, 2024 Edition

A time to share some of my favorite photos (or recordings, or whatever) from the previous week…

We love the critters that choose to spend time with us!

The neighbors chickens are here most of the day, eating bugs, taking dirt baths, napping around the yard, and sometimes even leaving eggs!
These big boys have been here since we moved to this lot in 2020. They are actually quite tame though we don’t attempt liberties with them. They’re HUGE and STRONG!
Red-winged blackbird to squirrel at the window feeder: “Do you mind? I’d like some too!”
Peeking in to say hi to Pete; he has several squirrel friends!
Waiting patiently for her turn at the window feeder.
Not sure who this guy is, but we have a lot of them! Need to look him up sometime…
Offices have water coolers; we have a feeding station. (squirrel, woodpecker, chicken)

And the wild colors that grow here!

Even the “greenery” is colorful!
A plethora of bright Indian paintbrush!
Purple flowers, white & yellow flowers…
…and delicate little white ones!

We enjoy our spaces too!

I’m really enjoying my new laundry drying rack!
Chuy is really enjoying hanging out in his yard!
Maisie enjoys hanging out in our bed!

Some food porn:

I bought a bunch of big fat ribeyes from our local meat processor; this is one of them – PERFECT!
Seared in butter and oil, then finished off in the air fryer oven to a nice medium rare, they are fork tender and, yes, PERFECT!
So from the same meat processor I got some cottage bacon. Here, I had put it in a roasting pan, then mixed together eggs and shredded cheese which I poured over the top. A few minutes in the air fryer oven, and THIS!

Speaking of food, Myrtle’s Garden is coming along nicely too! We’ve been enjoying greens and herbs, and now it’s starting to produce even more!

Several baby delicata (my favorite!) squashes…
Lettuce is starting to produce a head…
Our first tiny tomatoes!

Fun with the PoiBoiz

Letting the PoiBoiz get used to their new travel cages.
Elliot had a look around, and is not impressed!
Elliot to Maxwell: “You go ahead. I’ll just watch.” (and apparently, so will Chuy!)
Playing Titanic?
Just hanging out on my walker
I’m so crazy about my boiz!

3 thoughts on “Monday Media – June 10, 2024 Edition

  1. A s I sit here in my recliner, I get to use the ice pack on my knee, watch the birds and other critters outside, read Sherry’s blogs, watch her vlogs, watch a movie and enjoy the sunshine on the tall pines outside.
    I love living here and most of all, love being with my wonderful wife.

  2. ,

    Such beautiful pictures of all God’s creations. To Him be the glory for your little piece of Heaven on earth. πŸŒΊπŸŒΈπŸŒΊπŸŒΈπŸ°πŸ‡

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