VIDEO: Chiks ‘N’ Turks (no alt-texts)

There were the neighbors’ chickens, hanging out under the tree as they do every day…picking up whatever the birds dropped from the suet blocks above…when along come the turkeys that spend their days in our yard. They’ve been here since we moved here in 2020, we call them Tom, his brother Tom, and his other …
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VIDEO: Vlog #2110 Aug. 2, 2022 – Surprise! Bonus Day with Family!

I’d planned to do laundry today, but when the opportunity came to go visit Bill & Casey & the grands, I jumped at the chance! This video has a little of everything, from the arts (music and visual arts) to bike races!

VIDEO: Vlog #2105 July 16, 2022 – Fun With Family

We spent the day hanging out with our daughter/son-in-law/grandkids at their new home in the country where the kids are discovering the joys of the outdoors, nature, and critters! Leelan’s house bunny is also learning to love the great outdoors. They served us an amazing meal of smoked VERY fresh chicken, squash directly from the …
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GUEST POST from Don: The Chicken

The road to Danville used to be a winding, narrow, 2-lane.  A new 4 lane divided highway took its place.  However, like many old roads, you can still find remnants of the old path still in use.  On one of those remnants is this story. Not far from town is the entrance to Danville Loop 1.  There are houses, …
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