VIDEO: Vlog #2105 July 16, 2022 – Fun With Family

We spent the day hanging out with our daughter/son-in-law/grandkids at their new home in the country where the kids are discovering the joys of the outdoors, nature, and critters! Leelan’s house bunny is also learning to love the great outdoors. They served us an amazing meal of smoked VERY fresh chicken, squash directly from the garden, and Bill’s delicious chicken macaroni salad. And, or course, there were s’mores made over their newly constructed fire pit. Beautiful day!

5 thoughts on “VIDEO: Vlog #2105 July 16, 2022 – Fun With Family

  1. I enjoyed this very much. Casey & Bill’s family is growing-up! Thanks for sharing some of the memories you made with your grands.

    1. They sure are growing quickly! From babies to teenagers almost overnight it seems. I enjoy just being with them, and watching them go about their lives :).

  2. Very good video. Froto is an excellent bunny. God sure blessed [that] family by getting them out of the trailer park and onto their new home.

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