Myrtle Update: Getting Ready for Spring!

Myrtle – the fifth wheel in which we live, on some leased land in north-central Michigan – is undergoing quite a few changes as we prepare her yard for outside living this year. We do love our outdoor living spaces, and I want to do some really special and beautiful spaces in 2024!

First, I shared the biggest change, which we’d been planning for quite a while: her fence! This fenced in area gives our dogs (and our granddog Shylo when she visits!) room to play without our constant attention, will keep critters out of my raised garden beds and away from our grilling area, give me a perimeter along which I can plant flowers and provide some decorative touches, allow me to hang laundry to dry without “wildlife worries”, and keep a tidy, junk-free zone. It is much easier to pick up fallen branches, keep things from blowing around, and keep everything picked up and clean when within a limited and fenced area. So this fencing was something we’d planned for quite a while, and had budgeted for this spring – finally!

If you haven’t seen it yet, I did a video about Myrtle’s Big Project and shared it the day the fencing was completed; you can go back and watch that if you want to; it was the first step this spring!

Back in February we found these food-safe buckets on sale for just 48ยข each at Witbeck’s down in Clare, so we picked up 50 of ’em. Will we use them all? Not sure. But I DO know that we have plans for quite a few of them, for both food plants and for flowers! I’d also picked up a couple of larger decorative pots that I don’t have photos of but don’t worry, you’ll see ’em when we get ’em planted and positioned!

We have trouble with wild birds who come to feed at the “ladder feeder”; not with the birds themselves, it is great that we can watch them close-up from inside that window; but we had a lot of them flying into the window – and many didn’t survive. As you can see, the window is reflective to keep the uv rays from coming into the house (a mixed blessing), and the birds didn’t know the difference. So Pete made this little string-thing out of orange paracord and it has cut the incidences of bird crashes down from a dozen or more per day, to just a couple per week!

I had shared a lot of photos of our massive cedar tree that was all-but-totally destroyed in a blizzard in January; this is the apple tree that lives on the other side of Myrtle, and also had a lot of damage. (Click on it to open a larger picture.) It lives right next to the fence and has provided apples for grandchildren and wildlife alike every autumn; we are hoping it will still be up to the task this year.

This is a large area between the shed and the apple tree where I plan to put up a rotary clothesline. There is plenty of space, and it’s very near to the ramp, so I may be able to hang up my own laundry after washing it rather than depending on others…on a good day anyway!

Also in this photo, just outside the fence, you can see that the compost pile has been moved. Emma also leveled the area leading to that to help prevent straining joints or falls as we take our food and bird cage waste out to it! (They think of everything!)

And then, finally, Pete was able to put Myrtle’s awning up! This is a photo of her yard, taken from the driveway, with the changes so far. But there will be more! A LOT more! Watch this space!

8 thoughts on “Myrtle Update: Getting Ready for Spring!

  1. Everything is coming along nicely for you! I’m so very, very happy for the two of you! I love seeing the pictures and reading your description of what I’m seeing. Very well-organized indeed.

    1. I have SO many plans and want to get them all done NOW LOL! I know they’ll happen in good time but, well, impatience… ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Looking at all the beauty around you, and seeing Pete working out in the yard, I’m so happy for you both I have tears flowing lol Whatta mushmuffin I am !! But truly I am so very happy you are in a wonderous place close to nature and God with all you love and who love you around you. Much love from your love you to the moon and back Sister xxxooo

    1. Thank you my friend, yes God brought us to a place from which we can serve Him and others for certain! One blessing after another…love you too dear Mamma!!!

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