VIDEO – Plus Catching Up, Then Getting Behind Again!

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So on Friday I posted the Friday Funnies – and it was a good bunch, wasn’t it! – and then our 7YO granddaughter Lyra came to spend a few days. I always get a lot of enjoyment out of spending time with her, and this weekend was no different. But we were busy all the time, she wanted to do everything together (which was kind of the whole point) and I figured I’d post here after she went to sleep at night. I didn’t count on being too tired to think! So there was no Saturday Social and no Supernal Sunday…and today there was no Monday Mwhatever either. But now there will be this :).

Not much new in Social Media anyway, so you aren’t missing much. I haven’t signed on to any new platforms to try them out, but rather I am whittling down the ones I’m on so that I have the time to try out new ones. I still need to update my list as well, it is currently on 2 different pages but that will change too…

(ALSO I have removed the header menu as I work out how to make the content fit better on the front page of this site. So there will be changes here and there as I work on that, as I have time…)

Saturday night Bill & Casey and the other kids came to bring some allergy meds for Lyra, and brought stuff for s’mores. The campfire that Bill built was lovely, and he stoked up it again before they left at dusk, so that I could enjoy it from my bedroom window, as Pete does for me. I was delighted when at about 1:30 a.m. it flared up again and was absolutely stunning in the late-night blackness! So I got to enjoy it twice!

I don’t recall much about Sunday but do know that I slept for several hours in the afternoon, so Lyra spent that time with Umpa.

Today – Monday – we took Lyra back home. I will SO miss that little girl! She is a very special kid, funny and lovable and charming…but last night she’d confessed that she missed her family (especially her big brother and her Mommy), so I knew it was time.

We were both famished so we went to the Olive Garden for supper while we were in the city. We both got shrimp scampi, I got the chicken gnocci soup and Pete got minestrone. It was a DELICIOUS meal!

After we got home tonight Pete spent some time on his ham radio, and Maisie and I sat outside enjoying the peace and quiet, and watching the deer. I recorded some of them, that video is below. Pete and Lyra had gone to the laundromat to this morning and what you see in a pile on the deck box is a mattress pad that hadn’t made it into the house yet…it doesn’t add anything of value to the video, does it!

And now you’re all caught up with where we’ve been, I will also tell you that I won’t be posting Tuesday Titters tomorrow either…sorry! But tomorrow is our anniversary and we’ll be taking a day trip to celebrate, so I won’t be at my computer at all (though I will likely check in now and again on my phone). (NOTE that I didn’t take pictures or video of Lyra; it was hot here so she spent the weekend walking around in her underwear and a tank top hahaha!)

But I hope you enjoy the video, and I will be back on schedule I’m sure, starting with this week’s Wednesday Wags!

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