Delicious Dinner Tonight!

This is my plate. I had a few leftover wings from Tony’s yesterday, plus a couple of burgers with ketchup and mayo, and I fried up some zucchini and onions until really caramelized and tasty, then topped them with some parmesan out of the shaker bottle.*

Pete had the veggies plus BBQ “chicken” sandwiches, made out of king mushrooms shredded with a fork, tossed with minced onion, and sauteed together with vegan chicken flavoring, liquid smoke, and of course barbecue sauce.

I gotta tell you about my burgers though: We found angus beef burgers, slider size, at one of the Amish grocery stores and it is DELICIOUS! It’s some of the best beef I’ve ever eaten. And it’s just $1.75/lb! Once I tried them the first time we stocked up the next time we went there.

Anyway…great meal!

  • These are low carb hamburger buns. BUT since I only eat one meal – and sometimes a snack – every day I’ve found I don’t want to keep my carbs as low as I have for most of the last almost-17 years; in fact, if I DO eat really low carbs the weight falls off at several pounds every week which I don’t want to happen! My version of IF (intermittent fasting) involves fasting 18 or more hours in a row, just for anyone interested, during which I have only flavored water, coffee, or tea. I don’t eat this way to lose weight, though I lost 54# last year; I just feel better without lots of carbs, plus my long-time digestive issues are eased by the IF.

2 thoughts on “Delicious Dinner Tonight!

  1. Wow, Sherry I wish I could go 18 hours ….but I just can’t…..I definitely have to go light on the carbs as well it is just so hard for me…..but I am trying….the dinner looks delicious…..and wow to Pete he really stays on his vegan plan… it…..God Bless you both…..Debbie

    1. I think everybody has to find their own way. I’ve never been a breakfast eater and don’t get hungry until I’ve been up for 5-6 hours so that helps. My biggest challenge is not snacking, once I have my meal I want to graze the rest of the day! The jigsaw puzzles I’ve been doing lately helps with that plus I always have a beverage at hand. Pete does great, I couldn’t do as well I don’t think although we never know until we’re in that place. Thanks my friend!

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