Bonus! GUEST POST from Don: A Poem – Modern Style


Went by a company that sells monuments today.
The sky was heavily overcast, the road wet.
“Should I pre-buy one,” I pondered, thinking ahead.
Instantly lines of irritation creased my forehead.  “NO!”

I have no need to be “remembered;” no joy inside
To think of future visitors walking across my small
Final bed, a green lawn well-manicured
Reading the few words engraved in stone.

That was not the cause of my irritation.
Rather, I thought of how monuments have
Come into fantastic disfavor among a few
Who seem to only remember anger and act on it.

Why should I pay for a monument which
Some angry person, say a hundred years from now,
Decides to defame, deface, remove, or wrench
Out of the place it was lovingly posted?

Say they, in that future time, decide that
I was of the wrong political party,
Of the wrong philosophical bent,
Of the wrong sex, gender, or whatever that now is.

The loving placement of my memorial would only
Become a tool in the hand of a HATER…
A HATER who never knew me, who never took
The time to read or understand the whole me.

Of course, it would not matter one bit to me.
I would be gone, or at least in a place where
Cares for this world no longer concern.
I would not move a muscle to resist him.

However, the HATE would affect loving
People, who also never knew me.
HATE is destructive, creating nothing.
Love and Creation being its exact opposite.

Copyright 2023 Donald Whelpley


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