Wednesday Wags – Oct. 21, 2021 Edition

Somewhere in Africa an inhabitant of a small village heads for the nearest town with his dog.

During the walk the dog breaks free, breaks the leash from his leash and runs off into the jungle.

While the dog is looking for the way back to his master he sees a leopard approaching with the clear intent of eating him.
The dog panics, but he sees bones on the ground and has an idea.
Then he turns his back to the leopard and begins to suck a bone while awaiting the arrival of the leopard.

When the leopard is within earshot, the dog says aloud: “Oh my god this leopard is the best meat I have ever had! Who knows if there are others around here?”
The leopard, begins to worry and decides to run away.

From a nearby tree a monkey witnesses the deceit and decides to exploit this information to his advantage against the leopard.
The monkey goes to the leopard’s den and tells him everything, in the hope that he will become his friend and protector.

The leopard after hearing the monkey’s tale tells him: “Take me to this dog! He has taken advantage of me on my territory! Mount on my back, lead me to him and I will be forever in your favor!”

The leopard and the monkey then head for the dog.

But the dog sees the monkey and the leopard coming in the distance, he senses his deceptions has been uncovered. So the dog turns his back to the two animals, who are about to arrive and when they are a few yards away he exclaims:
“Go and trust the monkeys! I knew I shouldn’t have told him anything! It has been a half an hour since I sent him to look for another leopard and he’s not back yet!”


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