March 4, 2022 Vlog #2090

A very personal, long video, with health updates for my long-time viewers and friends as well as minimal editing to show “the real me” (that I have always edited out) with brain issues and all for the first time ever. Also shopping sorta-haul: no products on video just descriptions and receipts; plus sharing other current …
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Maisie Monday – General Training Concepts

This may be the first time I’ve trained my own service dog – it’s the first time I’ve needed one! – but it isn’t the first dog I’ve trained, by far. And my training methods aren’t based upon anything but my instincts and my desire to have a great relationship with my dogs. 40 years …
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Maisie Monday – Feb 21, 2022 Edition

As mentioned in my earlier News and Updates message I am going to do a few Maisie Mondays. And rather than go back and repeat Maisie’s story and how we came to be a team, you can follow these links to get the backstory: GOTCHA Day – Something Very Cool Happened Yesterday! I plan to …
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Monday Medley – Jan. 10, 2022 Edition

Just sharing a few pictures from the last 24 hours of my life…and by “last” I mean “most recent”…not “final”… So last night I was petting Maisie’s chest as she was sitting next to me on the bed, and as she looked around out different windows or whatever she looked so interesting that I had …
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Musical Monday, Part 2 – Jan. 3, 2022

In Part 1 of this blog post I talked about the keyboards I have, have had, and want. But there are other considerations as well… For much of the last year I have been unable to sit on my piano bench to play any keyboard. As my spine (and other) issues continue to progress it …
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Friday Fotos (😅) Dec. 3, 2021

OK, I’m not sure if Friday “Fotos” will be a thing or not. But I had a few to share from this week, and today is Friday, so… First are some pics of wildlife you can scroll through. These are taken through my window, as usual, hence the quality takes a bit of a hit. …
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VIDEO – A Little Walkabout Yesterday

A friend had asked what it was like where we are now parked, so I turned on my phone’s camera while I had Maisie outside yesterday and recorded this for her. This video is also available on my Rumble account, my GabTV channel, or Savior Connect.