Thursday Things (+ a VIDEO!) – Jan 27, 2022 Edition

Just to recap, I was sick with the worst cold ever from 2 weeks ago (13th) for about a week…finally able to be up and about from the 20th (but still chest heaviness/shortness of breath – more on that in a minute)…took it easy over the weekend but Mon/Tues/Wed of this week we had things to do so I was out and about. Mind you, it is really tough for me to be out and about (shopping, errands, whatever) 2 days in a row, but 3…oy! That was pretty tough! And that takes us up to yesterday when we got home…see my Jan 27 @ 17:59 microblog post (or if you’re reading on Savior Connect, my status update from the same time) to catch up from there…

Re: chest heaviness/shortness of breath – I don’t know if it’s because I’m older than the last time I had such a bad cold, or if it’s because my asthma is a bit worse than in the past, or if it’s because we’re in the dead of an extremely cold winter, or what. But these symptoms just don’t want to go away, though they’re not as bad as they were even a week ago…that’s all I have to say about THAT!

Very excited to see 33 +/- turkeys visit today! Last winter when they came we’d usually have a minimum of 40 every day. That’s 40+ at one time! This winter, however, we’ve had half that, at most, and only a couple of times. We assumed that this past hunting season they were heavily culled and while we were sad about it, we’re always thankful for God’s provision for our neighbors, while also thankful for the few turkeys that have been coming here most days. And then today – 33! More or less, that’s as accurate a count as I could get with them all moving so much. As much as I love the deer – and we’ve had smaller groups of those this year also – the turkeys really tickle me. I think it’s because I’m really a bird lover at heart…

And that brings us to right now, as I type a paragraph between each bite of this delicious supper. I’ll post a photo of it with a description below.

Tonight’s supper is SO GOOD! (I’m eating as I type.) It is kind of like a southwestern lasagna. Started with some enchilada sauce in the bottom of the baking dish (I made enchiladas for Pete tonight), then lowcarb tortillas – 2 layers – upon which I spread refried beans, topped with a light sprinkle of shredded cheese, topped with some ground pork/onions that I’d just fried up, then some minced black olives, then another tortilla layer, a mix of salsa/tomatoes/the last of the enchilada sauce so I wouldn’t have to throw it away, and another layer of cheese on top. Baked 25 minutes at 350°F. SO STINKIN’ GREAT! And that was my OMaD for the day.

So very thankful for our Amish neighbors and their wonderful businesses! I was able to get ground pork for $1.50/lb this week; even the cheapest hamburger is double that. I’m getting so that I like pork better than beef lately anyway…speaking of which, tomorrow I HAVE to share something I also got at one of the Amish stores this week: Pork rinds in brine! I may even do a video about it…will see…but I’m dying to tell you guys about them!

I guess that’s everything for today. We’re going down to 3°F with a high of 15°F tomorrow, a low of 0°F tomorrow night and so on and so forth until we finally reach a high in the 30’s on Tuesday before the temp takes another nosedive on Wednesday…it’s a good thing I love winter, and that we have a cozy home! God always sees to our needs.

Lastly I recorded a song on one of my keyboards earlier this week and got a chance to edit the video today, so I’ll just stick that up here below. (Or HERE if you’re on Savior Connect.) I hope you are all have a fantastic week so far!

2 thoughts on “Thursday Things (+ a VIDEO!) – Jan 27, 2022 Edition

  1. I see you’ve been sick too. Yep…this thing is nasty. I had low O2 levels for 4 weeks, and a few fevers, but the weak legs and extreme exhaustion got to me the most. Glad you are improving! Prayers~ Cathy

    1. Yup, terrible stuff, especially for us “old folk” who have other health issues already…but it’s not going to get us until our time here is through, and no virus determines that! 🙂

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