The Vegan/Low Carb Backstory…

I eat low carb because it makes me feel good. I started eating this way in 2004 and knew it was a lifetime thing, I love all the low carb foods AND that I can make reasonable fascimiles of those carbier treats!

Pete eats – well, not vegan exactly, he has his occasional moments when he feels he must have a piece of fish or a dollop of sour cream, BUT when I cook for him I use vegan recipes most of the time, and don’t include animal products, and those are the recipes I’ll be sharing here. His type of cancer is nourished by animal products in various ways, and feeding cancer isn’t the goal. He was eating low carb/high fat with me during the 13 years prior to his diagnosis, and it had already metastasized at that time; after intensive research I saw that while many cancers can be fought with a stringent keto plan (above and beyond low carb), not his type.

As I was learning to cook for him I found myself eating his food because it was easier. A potato here or a pasta salad there can’t hurt, right? Well it can. And for over 2 years I ate his way, and my own health suffered greatly from inflammation and pain levels that kept me in bed for days at a time. I had to go back but this time I’m doing a combination of intermittent fasting and moderate low carb. I lost 23# in the first 7 weeks after changing to this plan but even better, my pain levels were slashed by about 90%! And that’s the best part.

The way I’m eating now is low carb, one meal and one snack/day most days. I never get hungry before late afternoon so I can eat a big meal at 3-4:00ish, then if I’m hungry at 9:00 or so I have a low carb snack. Bedtime for me is at least midnight so it works well. Other days when I want, for example, a baked potato, I have that with my meal (and a white kidney bean extract supplement) and skip the snack that day. I don’t know if that affects my blood sugar but I do know that it doesn’t affect anything else (pain, stamina, etc.) So now I seem to have the best of both worlds.

Most of the time Pete makes his own meals. We’re on different eating schedules and different plans and have different eating habits (eg, I like my veggies raw, he likes them cooked), so it only makes sense. But there are times I do cook for him because I love him and just want to.

So there you go. It’s how we do things here, it’s what’s working for us, and the best of our low carb and vegan recipes are what I will share!

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