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On Nov. 23, 2022 we purchased a Nuwa (pronounced “New Way” as in “New Way of Camping” coined circa 1965**) Hitchhiker Premier 5th wheel to replace the very tired and worn out Hurricane class A in which we’ve been living for the last 5 years. Myrtle – which is what we will be calling our new home – may only be 1 year newer but the quality of the unit is WAY higher than the Hurricane! It’s a much more high-end unit from a quality manufacturer, and it shows! As time goes on I will be updating this page, first to share our first day with her, and then as we* make little changes and add our furniture and the various little touches those will also be here. I hope you will share in our excitement as we move into Myrtle and get this party started!

*We, in this case, means our lovely helpers who come weekly (or more, if needed!) to do and help us do all sorts of things, in addition to Pete and, to a much lesser extent, me. J&E will be doing a whole lot of the work as we prepare Myrtle for occupancy, and move in.

September 14, 2023

BIG work day today! Rather than take up a huge amount of space on this page, I talk about – and show, of course – the changes on a post about them. But here are the before and after pictures, if you just want to cut to the chase :).

If you want to know exactly what we did, how, and why – plus some cameo shots of Maisie – click on the link above. It is all SO COOL and EXCITING!

August 25, 2023

First, I want to show you the table that Pete built for me to fit next to my chair! You can see what that area used to look like, when I had to keep my “stuff” on the bar, HERE. And below is what my area looks like now – also note that the left arm of the chaise has been removed, that’s to make it less painful to sit down and get up :). I do have plans for the area where it was – may be done next week when our helpers are here. Anyway, here is my little side table (which isn’t so little, it actually extends almost back to the wall!), and my “stuff” which is nicely hidden, and protected!:

NEXT, today we – well, really E – did some rearranging. I also pulled some things out that I will be getting rid of (selling, or whatever) that you’ll see on my piano bench in front of the sewing machine. Here are the “before” pictures of the areas that “we” changed:

And here are the “after” pictures:

I love my little corner with my little table that Pete made for me…and I love the changes that “we” made today in the slide area, too!

August 11, 2023

I spent a good bit of time wandering around Myrtle’s yard today, and enjoyed some time under her awning during a storm. I had so much footage and so many photos that it would have taken up a ton of space here so I gave it all a separate post, but you can view it all HERE.

July 19, 2023

Pete started work on a new ramp! Our old one wasn’t built for Myrtle and has seen better days…so he has been gathering up some wood from here and there and had enough to get underway…when he gets more, he will complete the bottom, which will create and L-shape, as well as finish some things on the first part (such as railings). BEAUTIFUL JOB he’s doing too!

Chuy demonstrates how to use the new deck!

July 15, 2023

Coming home to my happy place…

July 13, 2023

WEE doggie! Well we didn’t expect to find THIS at bedtime last night!

Had quite a flood in the corner of the living room slide last night!

We called our helpers and they were kind enough to make a trip this morning just to help us move the freezer out to the shed. It is still running, and now it is freezing ok, but we want to make sure it will keep working! So Pete and I cleared everything off the top of it, and the cabinet next to it, and moved the cabinet out. And I took out what I could fit here in Myrtle’s freezer, and they put the rest in Junior’s freezer. (Junior is our travel trailer.) And they moved the freezer to the shed just outside the front door here, so we can keep an eye on it. We will get a drip pan to put under it before it comes back in – IF it keeps working ok. This will give us a chance to do a good cleaning of the carpet in that corner; Pete has to use the extractor anyway to pull all the water out of the carpet – the last thing we need is warping in the slide…


Excerpt from a post I made to The Good Morning Brigade group on Gab: “We are so thankful this morning, last night our freezer started leaking water everywhere, the carpet is soaked and the freezer isn’t working…BUT we have helpers that come every week…and they can come today to move it out – we have enough freezer space to put its contents in our other small freezers (here and in our travel trailer) because (a) I had been trying to empty to make room for an order I have coming on Saturday, and (b) the big package of burgers I’d planned to buy yesterday wasn’t available! – we have a carpet extractor that will make quick work of the water in the carpet – and this gives me a chance to clean out that corner! I was disappointed about the hamburger not being available but “…we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28. So today we will get the freezer (which is still running) out to the shed until we can figure out what the issue may be, and – another thing working for good is that the meat order that was coming Saturday can be kept in their freezer for a while longer!”

July 8, 2023

Golly, it’s been a while! That’s because we’ve been concentrating more on outside stuff, especially our garden . But today our helpers set up my new chaise today and made a few other changes, and this makes a huge difference in our living space! My recliner is going to a new home tomorrow, my reasons for replacing it are discussed elsewhere on this site but it is, so far, wonderful! Below is a video and some photos I took after our helpers left. (Sorry about my ever-present tissue that was in my new chair in the pictures!)

I also, while I was at it, rearranged some things on the kitchen counter so it wouldn’t look so cluttered, and I’d have more space for prep. (The plate of cutlery on the counter is part of my cutlery/utensil sorting, minimizing, and organizing this weekend; I don’t keep our cutlery on a plate on my counter, usually!)
So it was a busy day!

May 23, 2023

Today when J&E were here Emma helped me make a few little changes in Myrtle. But they make a big difference! Little by little I’m displaying all of the lovely gifts I’ve gotten from my friend Heidi and my friend & neighbor Deb, as well as the COOL painting my sister Gwen made me for my birthday – the painting with a secret, I call it…but more on that another time… Here are the photos, with descriptions, of the things that are different now! (I have NO IDEA why the descriptions are showing up twice, don’t know how to fix it, and don’t want to type them all over again in another format…sorry…)

May 12, 2023

We have our outdoor living space all set up, and it is approximately where the motorhome used to sit. It has 2 rooms; the front room has so many screens that it is nearly open all around to the views; the back room is more enclosed but does have a huge screen overlooking the river, approximately the same view as I had from the bedroom window in the motorhome. But life still revolves around Myrtle The Nuwa and from where I sit during the day out here in the tent I have a beautiful view of her. And it constantly reminds me of how thankful I am that God provided her to us!

April 25, 2023

Here are some photos of our great day! I spent most of the day out in the Tent Shed doing laundry in my little portable washer (that makes laundry fun!). Our helpers, meanwhile, were here working and our landlord (we lease this huge lot) came to pick up the yard waste that our helpers had cleaned up last week. So they loaded his truck, and while they were working – they took out 3 truckloads! – FedEx showed up with our new “outdoor living space”!!! So, in-between all of the other things that our fantastic helpers were doing, they also set THAT up! Meanwhile I was able to get a couple of short walks in around the yard with Maisie…there was a lot going on, a TON of stuff got accomplished, the tent is AMAZING and WAY better than we expected, before they left our helpers did the last of the yard cleanup, the bits and bobs that were laying around here and there, and it looks FANTASTIC out there!! It was a fun day with wonderful people, so much improvement outside as we began setting up for another season of outdoor living and fun…(see also the video, vlog #2149, of the day!) SO even though this isn’t specifically about Myrtle The Nuwa, it is about our living experience so I decided to share it here anyway!

April 13, 2023

One of our helpers rearranged the furniture in our living area for us yesterday and we love it! We have lived in RVs for nearly 8 years now, this is our first 5th wheel after 2 motorhomes and I LOVE that the furniture isn’t built in and we have options! When living in sticks’n’bricks most of my life I would rearrange the furniture several times a year, and I’m thrilled to be able to do that again!

And now some photos of some other changes here since we moved in!

Grands sitting on a log on the river a couple of years ago.
This year we’ve had a lot of flooding, and that big log is gone!
Shows the dark tint and mirror appearance of our windows, compared to through the screen. But this is the first time we’ve had the windows open….Ahhhh!
Sitting in my recliner in my new spot after the living room was rearranged.
The back of the open shelves between the kitchen and living room; haven’t decided what to do about the unsightly rear of my convection oven yet, but…
…a dear friend sent these adorable owl salt & pepper shakers and they are cute enough to take the viewer’s attention from the convection oven!
She also sent this, which she made by hand – gorgeous work!
And there’s more that I am working on displaying! But this one is particularly precious to me!

March 2, 2023

YAY we got all of our cupboard door handles, and our helper E was able to get them installed!

Our old black ones; on the kitchen drawers we keep getting our clothes/pockets caught on them, and don’t like the style anyway!
I LOVE these new ones, in the oil-brushed bronze finish!
BONUS! I didn’t realize it until after the fact, but they match the finish on the only doorknob we have in the house, on the bathroom door!

Feb. 8, 2023

We had been looking for a table to replace the card table we had temporarily set up in front of these windows. Then it occurred to us that a table was NOT the best choice for our purposes…so we started looking into “cockatial storage ottmans”. It didn’t take long to find this one! It is perfect for our needs! It’s low enough that we can see out through the entire back window…storage for the grandkids’ toys and other things…will work as a table for them to play on – and around – when they’re here…extra seating…and a GREAT place for the dogs to relax, or watch the wildlife! So much more practical than a table for us!

Jan. 31, 2023

This is a little video I took right after I came downstairs first thing in the morning, the day after the changes we made to the living room.

Jan. 30, 2023

I’ve been thinking there had to be a better way to arrange the furniture in Myrtle so that we’d have more space…especially in the area between the kitchen and the living room where it was so tight because of the position of my chair. And Maisie doesn’t use her bed unless she has no choice and I thought she might use it more if it was right next to my chair. Both of the heat ducts had the air partially blocked by furniture also. I needed better access to outlets from where I sat. And finally, the chair where I sit to play my keyboard and Pete’s recliner were fighting to share the same space. SO today I thought I got it figured out, plus we had a couple of other things that needed to be done ASAP, so I texted our helpers to see if they were busy. They were here a couple of hours later, and while he worked on getting the snow off the roof, she rearranged the furniture to see if my idea would work…and it DID! All problems solved! I can even see Pete while we talk, and I can see a LOT more out the windows…so here are the photos, look how much space we have in here now!

Jan. 17, 2023

AAAAND, I finally feel like we have all the pieces in place! The final additions have been made to our living area, I think. And here they are:

This BEAUTIFUL wall hanging is from a wonderful artist I met on Mastodon. I will provide a link below to more of her work.
This is my chair, with the new cover on (and my ever-present support pillows).
This is Pete’s chair with its new cover.

The artist who created the wall hanging is Sharon Cummings.

If/when I make any further changes I will post them here, and will make note of them in my updates (as I do for my Health page). However, I feel that everything I wanted to do here has been done. I will, at some point, start working on the bedroom, however…and I’ll see you back here then!

Jan. 10, 2023

Finally the pictures of the latest changes! These aren’t of the same magnitude as when I was furnishing the place, of course, but each change makes a big difference! If you just want to see the photos, they are below; I also included some video about them in my Vlog #2138 if you are interested :).

Jan. 2, 2023

We had our 3 grandchildren – ages 3, 8, and 13 – here for a few days and, unlike in the motorhomes we’ve lived in, there was plenty of space for all of us! Pete and the 13YO, Leelan, slept in the recliners in the living room, while the girls and I slept in our bed in the bedroom. Worked out great! AND there was plenty of space for the kids to play as well! I just set up some rules from the start: one girl got one side of the table, the other got the other, and they had to keep all of their stuff in their own corners! Leelan was assigned the area in front of my keyboard for his stuff. Otherwise it would have been way too cluttered and chaotic in here. So that was a first with them, all 5 of us – plus the dogs and parrots of course – staying under the same roof!

One of the final changes was made today (there will be more within the next week, which will be THE final changes – I think!), and that was to cover the dark teal wall behind my keyboard. Our helpers were here and Emma did a great job – doesn’t it look so much brighter and cheerier? Especially with the beautiful ribbon decoration my 8YO granddaughter Lyra made for me, especially to hang there! She’s very creative!

Dec. 28, 2022

We haven’t done much for the last week except get used to living here. It is very different from living in our last 2 motorhomes! In almost every way it is better – the only thing we don’t like is the stairs. Because the ceiling is so high, the upper kitchen cupboards are way out of reach except for the bottom shelf…so we keep a step stool in the kitchen. Since Pete fell on the stairs, though, that’s the bigger problem…
HOWEVER we do love the bedroom, and the living space! We love that we were able to fill it with our own furniture, and put up our own curtains and other touches. This is set up wonderfully well, I can cook from my stool with the L-shaped kitchen which I haven’t been able to do before; it is wonderful not having to get up and down to get to things now!
And today our helpers installed our curtains! We already had the floral curtains with the black background up, as you’ve seen, but now we have the “sheers” – they’re actually semi-sheers – up it is a whole new look that we LOVE! With the yellow (which I never would have thought of) even the green of the chairs pop! Just a huge change in here! I will also have to get some photos when it’s bright outside because that too, is a whole new look – it’s amazing! But I’ve been on pins and needles, excited to get these put up and shared with you, so here are a few photos I just took. Aren’t they FANTASTIC???

Dec. 20, 2022

Dec. 19, 2022

Quite a few changes today – but one BIG one especially! Our helpers came today to help with a few little things, but I had changed my mind by the time they got here, and decided I’d rather they do one big project for me instead. When I first saw the pictures of Myrtle I knew that a certain slide-out area in the living room was the perfect place for my keyboard. So we set it up there, but there were a couple of problems. First is that there was no room for my legs under the instrument, and the second is that it took away space from the living room, making it very difficult to sit there with Pete’s recliner in the way. So today our helpers solved both problems!

As it was when we first saw it.
As I originally had it set up.
How it looks now.

In that big brown box was a jetted tub. The former owners had very creatively made this space for it, and it was extremely well-done! They apparently really enjoyed using it. But we’re not hot tub type people. So today our helpers removed everything from the top and dismantled everything. They cleaned up the entire area (the carpet underneath was mostly intact too!) and set up my keyboard and other musical instruments behind and around it, and did a fantastic job of not only opening up the space in the room, but making space for me to sit and play without moving Pete’s heavy chair! VERY EXCITING!!

Next, there is a corner across from the kitchen, at the opposite end of the super-slide from my parrots, where I have a heavy but small cabinet plus a small freezer. And from the day we moved in they have been piled up with misc. stuff that we didn’t know what to do with. Today that all went away, some to the trash, some to a new black tote I bought to contain all of my parrot paraphernalia, and the rest to their new homes in the bedroom (mostly). That was a Big Deal to me, that corner had been driving me nuts.

(The black tote is tucked away under the table upon which the parrots’ cages sit, and is barely noticeable!)

And then I took a few more misc. pictures today that I will share here. Thanks for your continued interest and support, friends!

Maisie helping Jared dismantle the tub.
Chuy supervising. Note the black curtain panels on the corner windows, that’s new, we wanted those windows to look finished as do the others there, and we already had them, so Emma hung them today too.

AND one final note: My happy yellow curtains didn’t show up. Since they’d been reported as delivered, and the driver wrote the note that the package was left with the owner (we weren’t even here!), I called Wayfair. First, I was on hold waiting for a customer service rep for less than a minute (!). Second, she was very nice and helpful. Third, they are sending me a duplicate order via priority (2-day) delivery! I am very very impressed, I’d gotten my other curtains and also our recliners from Wayfair and this was the first time I’d used them. I will definitely use them again in the future. Anyway, it will be a few more days before I’ll be able to share my happy yellow curtains with you – but as soon as they’re hung, I will!

Dec. 18, 2022

Pete was talking to someone the other day, and he said, “This is no longer our fifth wheel. This is home.”

Since we’ve added the curtains and the furniture it has made a world of difference in how our Nuwa feels inside. Because of the higher quality, it feels sturdy and solid – like a regular house – and we don’t feel the vibration every time a dog jumps off the bed or one of us takes a step. Because we have our own furniture, rather than the built-in stuff that has come in our 3 other RVs, it truly does feel like our home.

I have a few pictures from the weekend that are just photos of living here. What it feels like, as best as I can share. Just…being…home.

Coming out of the bedroom Saturday morning to see the curtains open, and Pete relaxing in his recliner with his coffee and his laptop, watching the wildlife. So content.
The turkeys gathered outside the window for their breakfast. Pete had them trained in just a couple of days to eat where we have a clear view of them, instead of the old breakfast bar.
The window across from the bed. This is what I see when I wake up. This window faces the lane off of which our driveway comes.
The window on Pete’s side of the bed, overlooking the driveway.
Looking out the window on my side of the bed, out toward the motorhome to the right. (Looking straight out I mostly see the big slide where the freezer and birds live.)
Maisie isn’t permitted onto the new leather recliners until we get covers for them. But we turned our backs for a minute, and THIS happened. So Pete and Maisie had to have a little talk.
Red-bellied (poicephalus) parrot Maxwell rests from all the excitement of watching wildlife right outside of his window.
Meyer’s (poicephalus) parrot Elliott figures he might as well catch up on his sleep too, so as to be ready for the next round of squirrels.
Uh-oh….now 2 dogs gonna get in trouble!
Maisie loves our new home!

P.S. Our happy yellow curtains were supposed to be delivered today (Sunday), but I got a notice they’d been delivered on Friday when we weren’t home. We have checked around all 3 RVs we currently have here, and no delivery was left. So I thought maybe there was a mistake and they’d still come on Sunday. But they didn’t. I will have to contact the company tomorrow and see what the driver wrote on his delivery slip as to where he left them. (Then again, it’s FedEx, the only company we’ve had issues with…but I am hoping not this time, I want my curtains so I can finish the room….)

Dec. 16, 2022

It’s been a few days since I last shared our progress in making our new house into a home, and we’ve done a LOT – mostly today. I’m SO excited to share with you all of the changes we’ve done so far! There’s one more coming on Monday which I explain in the video but our living space, at least, is 90% complete for now.

Dec. 11, 2022

Dec. 8, 2022

Only one pic tonight, since “we” (read: helper Emma) rearranged the living room slide area so it makes more sense. The poi boiz are moved to the other end, with the 3-drawer cabinet (that used to be part of Casey’s crib when she was a baby) at the other end and the freezer next to it, at the kitchen end of the living space. Since the crib-cabinet is being used to hold kitchen-related stuff, as is – obviously – the freezer, my “like-must-be-with-like” mind made the move a necessity. You will also notice – I hope – that the pile of stuff needing a place to go is shrinking in that area as well! Also cleaned out the fridge, we were totally out of space in there so something needed to be done with the multiple open bottles of mustard (3) Mayochup (3) and ketchup (4). That was enough so that I could fit in my half-gallon of milk (see today’s health post) in there.

The house is working well for us, and as you know it is parked on a different part of the lot from our motorhome. Back by the motorhome is where we have the waste dump/septic area, and the pump house, as well as the utility pole for our electricity. (We will be converting to solar but more on that in the future!) And, of course, the proximity to the river. Where Myrtle is now parked we are near the bottom of the driveway, in front of the shed. We decided we like this spot real well so asked our landlord (from whom we lease the lot) if we can stay here, and he said yes. So we will be moving the motorhome off that spot (we’ll sell it for whatever we can get for it…cheap as a fixer or for parts) and, come spring, will put a pleasant place there to spend time – a gazebo or similar as it is a beautiful spot also.

Anyway, there is also a pump house at this end (yes, it’s an enormous lot!) for our water source, and we have enough cable to run to the power pole. We replaced the toilet in here with the composting toilet from the motorhome so there will be no black tank to worry about, and we have a blue boy to deal with the grey tank; it’s not that far to the septic. (We use water multiple times – ie, washing my hair with the rinse water from the dishes, using the rinse cycle water for the next wash cycle when doing laundry, etc. – so it isn’t as big a deal as it might seem.)

So we are happy to be here for a change of scenery. Plus we are much closer to the mailbox…much less driveway to traverse in deep snow (and the snow plow driver can push the snow straight back rather than turning to push where we now sit)…easier for ambulances to get through if necessary, etc. We are probably now 30-35′ from the lane, through the trees, rather than 100+ feet, but not that many people live back here, so there isn’t traffic or noise. And we’re closer to the neighbor with the rooster – I get a big kick out of hearing him crowing! In this spot, also, my poi boiz have a great view of the yard, close to the big tree where the wild birds and other wildlife like to gather, and they are really loving that!

That’s the news I wanted to share, and I’ll have more as time goes on. We’re moved in but not totally settled, there will be more to report as my curtain order comes in, we buy the furniture we want, and some of the other changes we have planned. It is all very wonderful, God is not only meeting our needs around every turn but exceeding them beyond measure! ?

Dec. 6, 2022

Lots of pain today but I was determined to start making this house into a home! So I concentrated on the kitchen, my music area, and the sink that’s in the bedroom. (See Maisie’s bed? Yeah, it’s shorter…but my piano bench is higher! And softer!) By doing a little bit at a time with lots of rest stops in between I think I accomplished a lot! What do you think? (Click on the pictures to open them up.)

Dec. 5, 2022
(This may take a few minutes to load.)

Dec. 2, 2022 – Part II

Dec. 2, 2022 – Part I

Our helpers are coming today and we are gathering the things they will need to – hopefully – finish everything we need to have done to move in. If there are little changes to be made after that’s not a problem, but I especially don’t want to move all of our stuff, and Maxwell & Elliot, over there until the cleaning and painting is complete. I am hopeful that we will be completely moved in by the end of next week, and even that we have the motorhome moved off this spot on the lot, and Myrtle put here so she can be connected to the electric (running on the generator now) and the big propane tanks (using small 30# tanks now). We have a few options for what to do with the motorhome so that’s TBD. I will do a Part II later, to show what all we accomplished! WOOHOO!!!!!!!

Nov. 30, 2022 – It’s Getting Real Now!

Myrtle got her first delivery today! On the 28th I had ordered a table for Max & Elliot to live on, a steam cleaner for Jared to use to clean the carpeted ceiling, and a new mattress pad. Today it arrived!

We still don’t have heat. The furnace is supposed to kick in when the heat pump isn’t running (when it’s too cold outside) and it hasn’t. The fan runs but blows cold air. Pete & Jared determined that it (the pilot?) isn’t lighting, but don’t know why not. We called “our RV guy” at Michigan Mobile RV Repair and they will be here tomorrow. We also have some electrical issues on the long slide wall; none of the outlets are working, nor is the ceiling light. But we will deal with those at a later date unless our technician tomorrow has time to take a look. Those are the only 2 larger issues that we’ve been able to find.

Once there is heat, however, we can start moving things in. We have asked our helpers if they have availability to get us moved in next week.

So yeah…it’s definitely getting real!

Nov. 29, 2022 – Basement Jumper

Today Emma (one of our helpers) and I were looking out the window of the motorhome while she was here working. She had just let Maisie out. Pete and Jared were out in Myrtle looking at the heating situation. The basement storage doors were open. Maisie ran out to Myrtle, I could see her legs underneath, then they suddenly disappeared. The next thing we saw was Maisie running out the front door of the basement. HAHAHA, silly girl!
I’ve been too busy to spend much time with Myrtle, so haven’t taken any new photos or videos.

Nov. 26, 2022 – Maisie Meets Myrtle

Nov. 25, 2022 – A Thorough Cleaning

We have a young couple that comes here every week to help us with the heavy lifting and cleaning and all sorts of things; there isn’t much they can’t do from felling dead trees and cutting them into firewood to hanging Pete’s antennas to moving things or organizing everything from cupboards to sheds, besides the basics. They are an enormous help to us in so many ways…anyway today they gave Myrtle a thorough cleaning, and this is the walk-through Pete and I did after they left.

Nov. 25, 2022 – So Why Myrtle???

Pete actually chose the name. He wanted it to be a female name since Junior is a male title, and he knew the story…

When Casey was little and I was a single mom working 2 jobs, on those evenings when I was home I had some down time after she went to bed. So when she’d get up for something, and start to talk to me – “Mom…?” – I’d tell her, “I’m off duty right now, I’m not Mom, I’m Myrtle.” To hear my little girl call me Myrtle in her sweet little voice always melted me! Those were precious times and precious memories, and I hope that we will have the same (albeit they can’t be quite as precious as those times with my baby girl!) living in Myrtle.

Nov. 23, 2022 – Myrtle Comes Home

The following photos are in chronological order, from the time we left the seller’s home downstate until just before dusk. After we came back from supper it was sure strange to see this monster sitting in our yard as we drove into the driveway!

Today is the day we finally bought our new-to-us RV! We’ve lived in motorhomes for over 7 years but needed something bigger and with more storage and a better layout to replace our current tired and worn out abode. After a year of searching, we were finally blessed with THIS!

5 thoughts on “All Things Nuwa!

  1. I have enjoyed watching all the videos and reading the blogs. So happy for you both getting Myrtle!! Maisie and Chewy will adjust quickly I’m sure.

    So you are selling both your old RV and Jr? That’s nice you got your washing machine in the house for bad weather times. And that you will be closer to the road. We use to live in a house that was 500 feet off the road. You are right, it was awful to try to clear to get in and out of.

    Enjoy your new place!

    1. Yes, we’ll be selling the motorhome, but Pete has decided to keep Junior for his ham shack. Our long driveway comes off of a lane that ends at a dirt road. From the motorhome to the mailbox on the dirt road is just under 2/10 of a mile but now we’re just about half that. The owner of the lot does have the snow cleared but this will be a lot less for Joe to clear too! When I needed an ambulance last summer it drove back to the motorhome, and the ground is much sandier back there so they had a hard time getting the gurney through – we won’t have that problem here either. And I really love our new view too!

  2. Dec. 28th. Very, VERY pretty (but I’m ‘partial’ to yellow). I’m so happy for you two. Pros & cons, (as you’ve mentioned) but as nearly ‘perfect’ as can be. Thank you dear Lord!

  3. That ottoman is enormous! What a great purchase for you, the dogs, & the grands. A little concerned about the dogs toe nails damaging the top. Is it fabric? or vinyl? or leather? Anyway, it serves several different purposes, and I love it…(and you).

    1. Yes it is huge, 3’x3′! I am keeping a quilt over it though, it’s plenty thick enough to keep the fabric from being damaged :). Love you too!

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