Wednesday Whatnots and Wherefores

Last week Pete and I went to a couple of thrift stores, and a some things caught my eye. First was a hose holder at one store…then a metal container at another…and that container had great colors that will go really well with the medallion I’d bought at an antique store in Indiana in 2022, don’t you think so? I plan to put holes in the bottom of it, affix it to the hose holder instead of a hose, and use it for planting something very vine-y, to hang down. AND, if I can find something vine-y AND flower-y, I’d love to have a big container at the bottom, filled with the flowers, too! (I can see it in my head but am not very good at describing it!) Anyway, here are pictures of what I found/bought, and the medallion I already have…

I think the colors of the planter will look great with the colors in the medallion; what do you think? There is actually some of the more gold/brown shades on the inside of the openings on the medallion that are very similar tones to what is on the planter!

For quite a few years I had a good-sized convection oven that I used so much that I rarely needed the propane stove’s oven. Loved it! Then we got our first air fryer a few years ago, and I was smitten! We used that one in Junior – where Pete was spending much of his time – and the convection oven in the motorhome. But shortly after we moved into Myrtle – our 5th wheel – the convection oven breathed its last, and the Ninja was put in its place. It has served us well for several years, but recently the fan stopped working reliably. Down deep I always had missed the bigger electric oven, so this was the perfect opportunity to get something that would be the best of both worlds…enter Ninja’s XL “smarter than the cook” air fry oven! It came nearly 2 weeks ago but by the time we got it cleaned, and burned out, and set up, we only started using it this week.

The first thing I made was a frozen pizza for Pete – we always have some in the freezer, and doctor them up with loads of veggies for him and extra cheese, and they turn out pretty decent! I didn’t take any photos of that first meal as it wasn’t really a test of the oven’s capabilities – it did as good a job as the former Ninja had.

The true test came the next day when I decided to cook our entire supper in it. We eat very differently so I made 3 separate foods at the same time: Pete had a rabbit, I had some spare ribs, and we shared some cauliflower & mushrooms with parmesan on top. It took me a little while to figure out which pans to use and what foods to put on which racks, but in the end it all worked out, and the result was PERFECT!!!

I ended up with the rabbit, spatchcocked, on the top shelf in a casserole dish…the cauliflower mushrooms were on the middle shelf, and the ribs on the bottom.

I had similar results with my lunch today; I’ll be roasting chicken leg quarters in it later. But I have no doubt that, unless *I* mess something up, the results will be just as great.

I am THRILLED with this new Ninja air fryer oven!!!

(I post about the foods I make and eat on my ChiaChow site – photos and/or recipes and/or other information; this post is an exception so that I could share my excitement about my great new air fryer with my friends here.)

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Whatnots and Wherefores

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten ‘rabbit’ before, but that looks good. Thinking Billy’s must raise them for meat. EVERYTHING looks ‘yummy’…I’ll be right over. I’m so glad you’re happy with your new air-fryer/oven. TFS…love sent…

    1. I like rabbit, it’s rather mild (at least Billyhilly’s are) and lean – more lean than I like although I enjoy the flavor. We get our rabbits from Bill (and ducks and chickens and eggs)…we know how they were raised and cared for, I love that. I’d love the opportunity to cook for you :). Love to you too dear Annette❣️

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