2 thoughts on “Wednesday Wags – June 2, 2021 Edition

  1. LOL….Love the first one! Your ankles are dead! My little Kendell couldn’t do that even if she wanted, which she isn’t aggressive at all. Her mouth is so tiny and narrow I don’t think she could bite my little pinky. The last one made me smile big too. The day no food was dropped! LOL Thanks for sharing these Sherry!
    Hope you are doing well. I need to catch up on your blog!
    I hadn’t been sick with a cold or bronchitis in 2 years, and right after my son got married May 16, I got sick! Shucky darn! But with only a cough and some congestion and a few headaches I’m on the mind I hope.
    Love and hugs to you both!

    1. I noticed you weren’t putting up any videos and hoped you weren’t sick…but I watch your videos in bed at night on the TV so I don’t comment like I used to…it’s the only time I have to watch though. I’m sorry you’ve been so sick, that’s miserable :(. But glad you weren’t sick on your son’s special day! Love to you too, my friend! ❤️??

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