VIDEO: Vlog #2139 – FINALLY! SNOW!!! + PHOTOS!

This was the scene when I first came downstairs in the morning.
After Pete got up and around, the dogs took over his recliner.
A TURKEY! And his little squirrel friend. We haven’t had turkeys around this month at all! But this guy showed up yesterday, all alone, and came back today.
From another window, I could see that Mr. Tom had FOUR squirrel friends!
The gorgeous snow opposite the door when we left this morning!
We ate lunch at Tony’s (Fashion Square) in Saginaw when we got there, as we had plenty of time before Pete’s appointment. He got the chili in a bread bowl, with a side of fries.
They have BIG portions there!
I went off the rails with a burger and some broccoli cheddar croquette type things. They were GREAT but I could only eat 3, they were very filling!
It was a long and sloppy and slow drive home in the heavily falling snow. We were glad when we finally pulled into the lane that leads to home!
While Pete was at his appointment Maisie and I waited in the car. I disturbed her watching the door for Pete to come out, and sure did get some looks!


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